We all know the significant difference recycling makes to the environment around us. However, while many consumers have taken substantial efforts to reduce their footprints and contribute to the cause, many large corporations are scrambling to keep up. That’s where we come in.

At LJP Waste Solutions, our team creates unique waste processing systems that allow large businesses to reach their sustainability goals. With large corporations working to become more sustainable, even more, environmental changes are possible. Here, our experts at LJP Waste Solutions will walk you through some of the benefits that stem from recycling.

Improving the Environment

The most obvious benefit of recycling is the overall health of the environment. When more waste is kept out of landfills and the surrounding environments, ecosystems, and wildlife are able to thrive. As more technologies become available, more materials are able to be recycled. If all large businesses and residential areas bought into our zero landfill philosophy, we could improve the environment at a much quicker pace.

Using Less Natural Resources

Although natural resources may seem abundant, there is a limit to them. Because they provide numerous benefits including wetland protection, recreation sources, and lowering greenhouse gasses, it is imperative to find ways to conserve as much as possible. Recycling reduces the number of natural preserves that are used each year which means a healthier living environment on the planet.

Economic Improvement

Studies have shown that those who make a conscious, concerted effort to recycle and reuse their products at a residential and corporate level instinctively purchase and dispose of fewer unnecessary items than others. Because of this, consumers and businesses alike have a tendency to save money and reduce the amount of waste they generate. There are a variety of sustainable actions you can take at work and at home, such as reusable bags, composting, and more.

Saves Energy

Because there is a connection between how much power is used and the health of the environment, it creates an even greater need for sustainability. Recycling aluminum and paper costs a fraction of the amount of energy that would be required to produce them from raw materials. Not only does recycling decrease the need to burn fossil fuels such as coal, but it reduces how many toxic by-products are released into the air.

Increased Employment

Due to the amount of work it takes to properly recycle various materials, many jobs have to be created to fulfill those needs. Depending on the material type, it gets sent to different facilities. Waste is typically sorted into primary categories, such as paper, plastics, metals, glass, and more. At LJP Waste Solutions, our team’s elite waste solutions process is state-of-the-art and is proven to help large corporations reach their sustainability goals and reduce their footprint.

Request a Consultation for Sustainable Recycling

If you are in the Midwest and looking for a reputable environmental services company to help you reach your sustainability goals, contact our team today. At LJP Waste Solutions, our experts will come to your facility to analyze and diagnose your current process before implementing an improved process. From there, we will handle all of your waste transportation and ensure it gets to facilities where it can be recycled or converted to Refuse-Derived Fuel, which is a clean source of energy.

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