LJP Waste Solutions’ Recycling Services

An LJP waste collection truck unloading recycled cardboard.

At LJP Waste Solutions, our expert team is focused on helping you reach your sustainability goals, as well as reaching the overall goal of zero landfill. Since opening for business in the 1990s, we have focused on recycling, reusing, and converting both common and uncommon objects into new objects and fuel. Like most generic waste solutions companies, we recycle common materials, such as paper, but also recycle uncommon materials, such as metal from machines, shrink wrap, and more. We have helped many Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller businesses, reach their environmental goals.

Your One Stop Shop For Environmental Solutions

At LJP, our primary focus is helping commercial businesses reach their sustainability goals. We offer sustainable waste management solutions and work to ensure you see its impact right away. We are the best in the business, and we will show you why. In fact, we took one of our clients from 11 waste solutions companies to just one with our all-encompassing services.

As the industry leader, we have been providing these services since the 1990s and have them perfected. Not only will we recycle, reuse, or convert your materials to fuel, but we will provide you with detailed reports to show exactly how much of each material you recycled, how much was converted to fuel, and more.

Our Commercial Recycling Services

At LJP, our team is capable of recycling over 50 common and exotic materials, ranging from common, everyday materials like paper to the hard plastic that is part of large barrels. When you choose to work with our team, our employees will come to your business to see how you currently operate and evaluate your recycling methods. From there, we will construct a new plan for your business, showing you the solution to reaching your sustainability goals. From there, we help you install new technology to ensure your facility is as productive as possible. Then, we take care of the rest.

LJP’s Process

After our team implements a new operating strategy your company, you can begin its sustainability transformation. Here is our process:


Visit Facility and Implement New System

When you request a consultation from our team, we will come to your location and host a discovery meeting. During that meeting, we will learn about your process, who you currently use for your recycling needs, and fully study everything about your process. We want to know your workflow strategy, how many employees you have, how much waste moves through the facility, and more. From there, we will design a new system that specifically fits your business’s needs. We don’t offer a quote and leave it up to you. We show you that we are the experts, and we will provide you with a state-of-the-art solution.

Train Your Employees

After we help you implement your new process, we will send our team back to your facility to help you get the system off the ground. We typically rent or sell you compactors, 60-inch balers, and more to process your waste into their separate categories. After your waste is processed, we send our semitrucks out for collection and bring your materials back to our facility. As soon as you and your employees are trained, you can hit the ground running to meet your sustainability goals.

Implement Waste Solutions

In your new operation, we will show you how to separate your materials into similar groups in order to be properly recycled and converted into fuel as part of our zero landfill initiative. After you have separated your materials into their categories, such as specific plastics, appliances, tires, containers, shrink wrap, and more, you then finish processing them. To finish the waste solutions process, you put the materials into the baler to crush them. When they are crushed, you can create a bale of recyclable materials that is close to 1,000 pounds, which depends on how much material you put in the machine in the first place. The bales are then extracted from the machines and moved onto pallets for transportation to our facility.

Transport the Waste

When your materials are ready to be transported as part of our zero landfill initiative, we will send semitrucks to your facility to collect the bales and transport them to LJP’s headquarters. At our headquarters, we remove the bales from the trucks with forklifts before weighing them to see how much material you sent us. This number is put in the detailed report we provide to you.

Conduct a Waste Audit

As soon as the materials are in our facility, we begin our audit. We determine how much of each material, such as plastic and cardboard, was brought into the building. From there, our experts decide whether it can be converted into fuel and what can be recycled for reuse. During the audit, we keep track of every piece of material that comes through our door so it is accurately marked in our system. We then shred the materials so they can be re-baled and compacted. Before the materials are compacted again, we determine if they are combustible or not. If they are, we send them to Xcel Energy to be used as Refuse-Derived Fuel. Recyclable materials are then bought by other companies and transported to be recycled at their facilities. If you have materials, like private records, that cannot be reused or recycled, but you do not want them stolen from the landfill, we can shred the materials as part of our product destruction, as well.

Distribute Sustainability Reports

We provide each of you and each of our other clients with detailed reports showing all the progress you made toward your sustainability goals. The report details how many pounds of cardboard, plastic, and more your company turned in, as well as how much of it was recycled and how much was turned into fuel. When you start doing business with us, we can send you these reports at predetermined times, and from then on you can decide if you want them more or less often.

Request a Business Recycling Consultation Today

If you are in the Midwest and looking for an elite waste solutions and environmental services company, contact LJP Waste Solutions. Our team will help you find a solution to reach your sustainability goals. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, give us a call at 507-625-1968 or message us on our contact page.

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