Equipment Rental


A conveyor belt moving cardboard to be recycled.

If you are in need of equipment for your waste removal services, contact LJP Waste Solutions today. Our team of experts will help you find the equipment you need for your specific services. When you request a consultant visit, our team will help you determine what you need based on the parameters of the project, the space needed, the environmental area you are in, and the environmental regulations in place for that specific area. No matter what project you may have, our team at LJP Waste Solutions can help you get the equipment you need.

Roll-Off Containers

Commercial roll-off dumpsters are perfect for any large project, whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor. Typically, roll-offs are used for large renovation projects or new construction projects, as they are larger than traditional dumpsters. Roll-off containers present a variety of benefits for any project. They come in a variety of sizes and can easily be transported. At LJP, our three commercial dumpster sizes for roll-offs are:

  • 10-yard boxes
  • 20-yard boxes
  • 30-yard boxes

We have both open-top roll-offs and closed-lidded roll-offs available, depending on your needs.

Kirby Carts

Kirby carts are the traditional, wheel-bound trash and recycling collection devices you see get picked up by garbage trucks. At LJP Waste Solutions, we have two types of kirby carts available for rent, both of which come in two sizes. The two sizes of kirby carts are:

  • 64-gallon carts - can hold 3-4 13-gallon bags of trash
  • 96-gallon carts - can hold 5-7 13-gallon bags of trash

Our carts for recycling and regular garbage are distinguishable by their yellow lids.

Security Solutions

Locking Bar
With our equipment rentals, we also provide a variety of additions available for a small cost. If you’re working on a project in a very public area, the people who live in the surrounding area might see your kirby cart, roll-off, or other commercial dumpster rental as a place to dispose of their trash. If this happens at your worksite, or you fear it may start happening, you can rent a locking bar for your equipment for just $5 per month.

Secure Enclosure
Additionally, our team can help you design a waste and recycling enclosure to prevent your dumpsters, roll-offs, or other containers from being accessible to the public. Depending on the equipment you need to protect, we can offer you one of four enclosures. These enclosures have dimensions of:

  • Enclosure 1: 24 ft. x 15 ft.
  • Enclosure 2: 20 ft. x 12 ft.
  • Enclosure 3: 16 ft. x 10 ft.
  • Enclosure 4: 12 ft. x 12 ft.

Each of these enclosures needs to have gates so they are accessible both to your team and the trucks that come to haul the waste away. Additionally, for optimal use, the gates cannot have ice, snow, or litter accumulated inside or outside the enclosure. We can also work with you to design a custom enclosure if one of our options does not work for you.

Additional Equipment

Additionally, we can help you rent or directly purchase several items, including:

  • Balers
  • Compactors & Receiver Boxes
  • Shredders
  • Collapsible Or Solid Plastic Bins
  • Rubbermaid Rolling Carts
  • Can Crushers
  • Bottle Breakers
  • And More

If you need a unique piece of equipment, contact our team today to see if we can help you attain the right product for your project.

What Materials Can You Put in Our Rental Containers?

Most waste solutions companies have definitive lists of items they can and cannot accept. LJP has lists for materials we accept on a daily basis, as well as a list for materials that stem from demolition or construction projects.

Demolition/Construction Projects

Here are the materials LJP accepts from demolition and construction projects:

  • Aluminum Siding
  • Particle Board
  • Plastic or Vinyl Siding
  • PVC Conduit
  • Sheet Rock
  • Steel Pipe
  • Window Pane
  • Brick
  • Non-treated Lumber
  • Plastic
  • Plywood
  • PVC Pipe
  • Shingles
  • Steel or Wood Siding
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Concrete Block
  • Copper Tubing
  • Duct Work
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Felt or Tar Paper
  • Galvanized Pipe
  • Glass
  • Insulation

Demolition and construction materials cannot include household garbage, paint, cardboard, asbestos, railroad ties, caulk tubes, tires, batteries, furniture, paper, and plastic food wrappers.

If you have items you don’t see on these lists, give us a call at 507-625-1968, and we’ll tell you if we accept your materials.

Recyclable Items

Though the majority of our recyclable materials come from our large, commercial clients, we do get a vast amount from construction projects, as well as residential areas. Here are some of the recycling materials we accept at LJP:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • HDPE, PETE, LDPE, and Commingled Plastics
  • Many Metal Grades
  • Glass
  • Some Electronics

At LJP Waste Solutions, we recycle over 50 common and uncommon materials. To learn more about the materials we can recycle, give us a call or schedule a consultation.


Contact LJP Waste Solutions Today

If you are in the market for commercial dumpster rentals, contact LJP Waste Solutions today. Our elite team of professionals can help you determine the equipment you need to rent or purchase for your waste removal services.

Not only do we cater to large manufacturing plants, we can also schedule a consultation if you are a small waste generator. We will help you reach your sustainability goals by implementing a state-of-the-art waste solutions program. To learn more about our services or to talk to one of our expert team members, give us a call at 507-625-1968 or message us on our contact page.

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