Learn What Sets LJP Apart

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At LJP Waste Solutions, our unique waste-to-energy techniques allow us to be the industry leader and lead the way toward larger companies becoming more sustainable. To see what our clients are saying about our custom services, read our reviews.

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Schell’s Brewery

“With the help of LJP, Schell’s Brewery has been able to expand the number of items we can recycling from our trash. At one last Bock Fest, we had our visitors recycling their serving cups, therefore helping diminish trash on the grounds, and also be more “Green.” Thanks to LJP recycling capabilities, we at Schell’s Brewery know we are helping to make a difference in our environment. Our staff is 100% behind the effort it has taken for the success of our waste reduction, which in turn also helps to make our company stay competitive in the marketplace, besides the terrific benefit to our environment.”

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“LJP has helped Wis-Pak convert the majority of their waste to recycling materials. Waste levels have been reduced from 400 yards to 40 yards resulting in a significant cost savings. In addition, revenue from recycled products averages $55,000 per year.”

- Trees Saved in 2020!