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What is Waste to Energy and How can it Help Your Business?

Environmental sustainability can take many forms, one of which is waste to energy refuse management. Learn about it here.

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What is Sustainability, Really?

Sustainability and smart waste solutions go hand-in-hand. But what is environmental sustainability anyway? It’s more complicated than you might think.

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Common Misconceptions About Sustainability

Sustainability and sustainable waste solutions are quite the hot topic these days. Is your company thinking correctly about them?

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What Sustainable Waste Practices Can Do For Your Company

Environmental sustainability and green waste management don’t just help the planet—they can help your company too.

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Sustainability and You: Easy Ways to Get Your Business Started

Aside from smart waste solutions, there’s plenty you can do to move your business toward sustainability.

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How Landfills Hurt Wildlife (And What Your Company Can Do About It)

Proper waste disposal and sustainability endeavors do wonders for wildlife, but irresponsible disposal can wreak havoc on creatures everywhere.

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What Makes LJP Different From Similar Companies?

At LJP, we pride ourselves on being a step above the rest and doing more to help with sustainability efforts than any other company. Here, our experts will explain more.

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How To Involve Your Employees In Your Sustainability Efforts

Getting your employees actively involved in new initiatives can be difficult, but by strategic planning, you can get everyone on board.

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How LJP Is Leading The Sustainability Reporting Movement

Our reports are extraordinarily detailed and have helped countless customers see the difference they are making, so they can report back to their customers and continue to make a difference.

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What’s the Difference Between Our Residential and Commercial Recycling Guidelines?

While we offer commercial and residential recycling services, they are distinctly different. Here, our waste processing experts will discuss the differences between our services.

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