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5 Waste Solutions You Can Do to Promote Plastic-Free Oceans

Plastic pollution continues to plague our oceans at an alarming and hazardous pace. Read to learn how five simple waste solutions can help your business eliminate plastic debris from our planet’s oceans.

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Why All Businesses Should Make a Commitment to Sustainability in 2021

Committing your business to sustainability in 2021 can save your company money, boost employee engagement, and satisfy your customers. Click here to find out sustainability is a commitment worth making this year.

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Why You Need a Sustainability Consultation to Become an Eco-Conscious Business

Sustainability is something to get excited about, sure, but you need the help of a sustainable waste solutions company to fully implement it. Learn why it’s best to consult a sustainability expert if you want to become an eco-conscious business owner.

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Why Hire LJP for Your Recycling Waste Solutions?

Many recycling services will only give you a quote, but not LJP Waste Solutions. Our love for sustainability means we’re much more comprehensive. Here’s why you should hire us for your recycling waste solutions!

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How to Know If Something Can Be Thrown in the Trash or Recycled

It’s an inevitable question: Will my recycling services take that? Learn how to answer it from LJP Waste Solutions, your North Mankato provider of green commercial waste services.

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Why an Action Plan is Important for Responsible Commercial Waste Disposal

Sustainability and smart waste solutions, while great concepts, need structure in order to become reality for your business. Learn about creating an action plan from LJP Waste Solutions, your North Mankato waste management and sustainability experts!

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How to Make your Employees Passionate About Sustainability

Environmental sustainability isn’t just embracing smart waste solutions; it’s a company-wide endeavor that requires all workers be on board with sustainability.

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3 Reasons Every Business Should Adopt Sustainable Waste Solutions

Environmental sustainability might seem like it’s only for some businesses, but take it from a commercial waste service: it’s for everyone.

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Signs the Sustainability Company You’ve Found is the Real Deal

Sustainability and the right waste solutions to foster it are serious stuff. Can your potential environmental sustainability company really handle it?

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How Your Sustainability Company Should Treat You

While sustainability is a great goal, not all environmental sustainability companies will treat you well. Are you the victim of one of them?

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