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How To Involve Your Employees In Your Sustainability Efforts

Getting your employees actively involved in new initiatives can be difficult, but by strategic planning, you can get everyone on board.

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How LJP Is Leading The Sustainability Reporting Movement

Our reports are extraordinarily detailed and have helped countless customers see the difference they are making, so they can report back to their customers and continue to make a difference.

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Should You Implement A Composting Initiative at Your Business?

Creating a composting initiative at your place of work or your business may seem like a daunting task and unnecessary, they can be extremely useful and aren’t as difficult as they seem. Here, our waste processing experts will explain.

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What’s the Difference Between Our Residential and Commercial Recycling Guidelines?

While we offer commercial and residential recycling services, they are distinctly different. Here, our waste processing experts will discuss the differences between our services.

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Why Should Your Business Commit To Sustainability?

By committing your business to sustainability across the board, you can show your customers you are dedicated to the future and make a difference at the same time. Here, our sustainability experts will discuss why you should commit your business to sustainability.

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How Do We Determine Which Materials Can Be Reused Or Converted?

Here, our sustainability experts will discuss how we determine what waste materials can be reused, recycled, or converted to clean energy.

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How Do Our Reports Make You More Credible?

Though you can say your large commercial business is committed to sustainability, it is difficult to prove. However, with LJP’s detailed waste processing reports, you can prove your credibility to your customers.

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What Disposal Equipment Do You Need Before A Construction Project?

When you are looking for disposal equipment at a reasonable price to help you complete your project and properly dispose of waste materials, contact us today. Here, our experts will discuss the equipment you should invest in.

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What Is The Difference Between RDF and SRF?

RDF and SRF are both types of clean, energy-efficient fuels that are made out of different waste materials. Each has its own benefits, and you should contact a professional to learn what each can do for you.

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5 Waste Solutions You Can Do to Promote Plastic-Free Oceans

Plastic pollution continues to plague our oceans at an alarming and hazardous pace. Read to learn how five simple waste solutions can help your business eliminate plastic debris from our planet’s oceans.

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