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LJP dumpster getting picked up.

If you are looking for the top sustainability and waste-to-energy waste solutions company in the Midwest, contact LJP Waste Solutions today. When you request a consultation, our team of experts will come to your facility to analyze your current operation and create a new system for you.

When we come to your facility, we have you or your employees give us a tour for us to see exactly how your business operates from product intake, to sorting, to shipping out the materials for sale on the market. This tour is a way for our team to fully understand areas you can improve upon. From there, we will help you set up the system we design, teach you how to use the equipment we recommend, and answer any questions you may have. We will go above and beyond to help your company reach its sustainability goals while reducing your footprint.

To request a consultation from our experts, give us a call at 507-625-1968 or fill out the form below.

- Trees Saved in 2020!