Tips to Keep Children Safe Around Trash and Recycling Trucks Share the Schedule:

Make sure your kids know what days the trucks are in your neighborhood; LJP Waste Solutions wants them to be careful when playing outside.

Keep a Safe Distance: Collection trucks stop and back up frequently. Please teach kids not to follow trucks closely on their bike, skateboard, or skates.

Watch Safely: LJP Waste Solutions loves their little fans! Let kids know it’s okay to watch the trucks from a safe distance and remind them not to play around or near trash carts/bins.

Stay Clear: If you have a little helper at home, please don’t let them try to help load garbage onto the truck. Leave it to the local LJP Waste Solutions Team to keep our communities clean.

Stay Visible: There are several areas where the visibility is restricted for the driver. If you can’t see him/her in the eyes, they most likely can’t see children or pets.