How cool would it be if you could turn trash into power—something you had no use for into something your business and its competitors alike need to thrive? And what if that power was clean power, doing good things for sustainability and moving companies everywhere toward greener waste solutions? It all might sound too good to be true, but zero landfill companies and waste to energy facilities have been doing this for quite some time, fueling more eco-conscious energy solutions and helping entities across the United States see the benefits of environmental sustainability put into action.

Indeed, embracing sustainability and helping the planet doesn’t have to be costly or cumbersome anymore. With help from LJP Waste Solutions and our tried-and-true waste management methods, your business will soar to new and sustainable heights. We specialize in personalized waste management solutions. As we assess your current process on a systematic level, our trained technicians will devise an entirely new way of doing things that’s more efficient, cost-minimizing, and environmentally friendly. Helping the planet and your company—everyone wins.

One of the methods we might suggest after research and consultation is waste-to-energy initiatives. We’ve seen great success with these, and, generally speaking, they’re a wonderful green waste solution for a variety of businesses, both for reasons we implied above and additional ones which we’ll get into below.

What is Waste to Energy?

As stated above, first and foremost, it’s a great way to manage your company’s waste while minimizing its impact on the environment! Literally, though, it’s the process of turning trash into fuel. The process of waste to energy might look different for many companies, but here’s how we do it at LJP Waste Solutions.

1.      We take your trash away | Yep, we’re a zero landfill initiative company and a waste management entity all in one! When you work with us, you can drop your old garbage and recycling company. We’ll take it from here.

2.      We sort your trash | We sort it first by type, then into two groups:

          a.      Trash that is combustible (able to be set on fire)

          b.      Trash that is recyclable (that can be reused)

3.      For trash that is combustible | We convert these items into refuse-derived fuel, a clean source of energy that is then taken to power plants for their usage.

4.      For trash that is recyclable | We sell it to interested companies who will reuse it, putting it back to work and reducing the environmental strain that is initiated by making new objects.

While this may seem like quite the simple process, it requires expertise, infrastructure, and a keen eye for systematic improvements. As altruistic as waste to energy is, not many companies would want to take the process up if it was just a major headache for them. That’s why we at LJP Waste Solutions spare no effort to make this as easy as possible for your business. We understand that you’re busy, so we strive to make good use of your time as well as maximize the benefits your business will reap from this process.

What are the Benefits of Waste-to-Energy?

Is your business ready to experience the full benefits of waste to energy procedures? They’re similar to the benefits of sustainability as a whole, but adopting this practice specifically has its own positive points.

●        Seek seamless and comprehensive waste management with LJP’s waste to energy solutions | No matter what industry your business resides within, you’ll need a way to take care of your garbage, be it through waste-to-energy methods or other ways. It’s non-negotiable—you can’t just let trash pile up in your parking lot! While all waste to energy companies might not have the expertise and manpower to take care of all of your waste, LJP Waste Solutions does. By partnering with us to create smart waste solutions, you leave behind the need to constantly communicate with multiple companies for your trash services. We take care of everything, and we do so in a way that’s environmentally friendly.

●        You’ll feel good about where your waste is going | We all feel a little pang of guilt when we toss something we could have recycled. Imagine that feeling magnified a thousandfold for the company executive who is making poor ethical decisions when it comes to their business’s trash! Give your employees and yourself peace of mind with waste-to-energy solutions and feel good about where your garbage is going: to clean energy and toward a better planet.

●        Make the difference you’ve always known your company could make | With your influential position in society at large and in your community, your company has the possibility to push for real change. Start a green movement in your town by moving toward sustainable waste solutions. You never know how far your message will go!

Contact LJP Waste Solutions for Efficient Waste to Energy Garbage Handling

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