Your business has long been working to become more sustainable. Good on you! At LJP Waste Solutions, we commend you on your noble and philanthropic pursuit, as well as for how business-savvy you are. As a waste solutions company devoted to zero landfill initiatives, we understand the importance of such endeavors, from both an environmental and a PR standpoint. You’re taking up your business’s rightful responsibility to do good for the environment and the local community, as well as creating a brand image that’s positive and inviting. Doing good both for others and for yourself—is there anything better than when everyone wins with your current environmental sustainability practices?

There is, of course: when those benefits become bigger. As a business of any size—and probably as a human being too—you know that there is always room for improvement, and it’s only by continuously striving that one can rise above the competition and continue to make doing good a community standard.

But how are you to make your sustainability effort even better than it already is? Perhaps that question sounds a little arrogant; let us rephrase. How can one take an awesome pre-existing sustainability plan and make it even better? The answer depends on your Individual plan, of course, but we’ll discuss below a few beginning steps you can take to optimize it further.

Is Your Waste Disposal Company Up to Snuff?

Landfills are immensely environmentally damaging, and they’re a blight upon acres of land that could be used as nature preserves or for agricultural purposes. Sustainability and smart waste management are inseparable. Your business cannot simply toss its recyclables in the trash and call it a day if it’s working toward a higher degree of sustainability; you must be conscientious of each and every discarded item and know exactly where it goes.

Of course, waste management is a tall order for any one person—nobody in your business has time to follow every load of trash around to its ultimate destination! That’s why, to aid in their sustainability efforts, many firms opt to hire garbage companies and recycling companies that share in their eco-conscious vision. Your company has probably already done this if you’ve been a historic sustainability practitioner. If you truly want to embrace the concept’s full potential, now is the time to ask yourself if the company you’ve hired to help you is doing their job correctly.

●        Are you receiving detailed reports that show you where your trash is going? These reports demonstrate that your waste removal company is doing a good job and keep them accountable for their work. No reports mean that your company could be hiding something, and shoddy reports, while less shady, definitely mean you’re not getting quality service.

●        Is your company working with you, not against you? The ideal waste disposal company that focuses on sustainability understands that every client is different. They will construct customized plans that synergize with that client’s overall sustainability goals and mission, instead of using the same approach over and over again. The latter approach is bound to lose its effectiveness quite quickly, as not every company embraces sustainable waste solutions the same way.

●        Has your company been punctual and pleasant? You’re paying them, after all! Your business works hard enough to stay afloat while also being environmentally friendly; you don’t need to be giving someone money who drags you or your employees down or is otherwise incapable of being on time.

What Can My Business Do On Its Own?

Of course, your commercial waste services are only a part (albeit a large one) of your business’s sustainability practices. In order to fully harness the power of environmentally conscious business practices, your company must also mind its own behavior and periodically reassess itself.

●        Are you on track to meet both long-term and short-term sustainability goals? If you are, would it be possible to go above and beyond them? If you aren’t, where might you need to shift things, be it in your capital or your methodologies, to get back on track?

●        Are your workers on board with your company’s mission? If not, perhaps it’s time to refresh them on why sustainability goals are important. Part of practicing sustainability fully understands that every person makes a difference and that without those collective differences, there wouldn’t be a larger impact made at all.

●        Once you’ve achieved your sustainability goals, what’s next? What is your competition doing? In the future, can you begin to emulate sustainable companies that you admire? Looking to the future is heartening and inspiring. There’s no shame in thinking big. Without doing so, you’ll never get there in the first place.

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