So you’ve found the perfect waste solutions company. Their customer service is great, they’ve shown up on time to every appointment, you like the way they think about your business, and they’ve got the experience to back up what they say during consultations. All in all, everything looks solid, and you’re ready to dive headfirst into the world of sustainability and embrace the benefits it brings.

Hold up, though: does this waste disposal company offer reports?

While your intentions may be good by entering a relationship with this business, if they won’t report to you what exactly is going on with your waste, they’re just as good as throwing your money into a landfill (which, incidentally, could be where your trash is going). You demand accountability when it comes to your employees, your contractors, your bosses, your business’s finances—why should it be any different with your commercial waste service? Without concrete numbers showing you what that business is doing, you’re basically handing over the control of an entire facet of your business, supervision-free, to what might as well be total strangers!

We as LJP Waste Solutions know the importance of reports; we offer detailed documentation to each of our environmental sustainability customers, and we view this as an important part of what we do. Below, we dive further into why waste reporting is so integral to a positive relationship between you and your commercial waste company, and why, without it, any sustainability measure of worth could not exist.

Reporting, Your Waste Disposal Company, and You: Discover Why the Numbers Matter

We’ve already spoken about how waste reports hold your waste-management company accountable, but they also hold your company accountable. They show you how much waste you’re generating of what kind and how, overall, you’re progressing toward the ultimate sustainability goal of zero-landfill. They would be sort of like weigh-ins if your company was a person preparing for a professional fight. Sure, you could look at yourself in the mirror each day and perhaps judge your progress that way, but that can never compare to the surety of numbers on the scale telling you you’re going in the right direction. Similarly, you might be able to watch in satisfaction as your sustainability-focused company’s trucks drive away with your refuse, but that satisfaction won’t show you that your company is moving toward the larger goals you and your waste management partner discussed. Reports allow you a concrete sense of progress and can clearly indicate you’re making progress where more on-the-fly methods don’t.

Of course, though, reporting does more than giving a sense of progression and hold your company to its goals; it’s helpful for the waste management partner in question, too.

●        Reporting enables accurate billing | Have you ever gotten in a squabble with your waste management company because they gave you a charge that didn’t make sense? Work with one that reports, down to the type of waste dealt with, its process, and this problem becomes null. When you can look at your invoice and tell exactly what waste has been taken, what services need paying for, and what has been done, you know that your partner is honest and forthright with you. No more second-guessing and no more arguing! Embrace the no-fuss service a company that reports on its work (like us!) brings.

●        Reporting enables assessment of your waste habits | Is your company relying far too heavily on products that cannot be reused? Are you throwing things away that might better serve the environment in the recycling bin? Of course, a quick once-over of your waste management system might show any of these issues, and a smart waste management company can easily provide a solution to fix it. However, they’ll have no way to know if that solution is working, or if you’re in need of extra help in other places because of it, if they do not take accurate reports of your waste. Because becoming fully sustainable is often a process and not a one-and-done thing, it becomes extremely difficult—impossible, if we may—to run a sustainability-focused waste solutions business without the help of accurate reports. 

●        Reporting enables great service | When they offer periodic reports, your waste solutions company won’t have any issue tracking down your information. Should they need to assign someone new to help you, that person will have no problem understanding the way your business operates from a waste management standpoint. Reports keep everyone on your waste management company’s team on the same page, allowing you to expect both great service and results.

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