As a business, you, no doubt, spend a lot of time thinking about how you should be treating customers. What should you be doing to ensure they receive the best service? What needs to change from current procedures to get you there? While these thoughts might weigh heavily on your mind, what probably doesn’t is how your sustainability-focused waste disposal partner is treating you. They’ve got such a noble goal, helping other companies to work toward zero landfill waste management solutions—certainly, they’re good people who know how to treat their clients correctly, right?

Not always. While we at LJP Waste Solutions strive to hire only the best, we know that the same might not hold true for every waste management company out there. Just because a business has what seems to be ethical objectives doesn’t mean its workers and higher-ups know how to treat clients with dignity, kindness, compassion, and respect. Every waste management company must be assessed on a multifaceted, case-by-case level to determine the quality of its service, as far as business-to-client interaction goes. Just like people, every company is an individual, and judgments shouldn’t be made on one characteristic alone.

But just how does one assess if the service they’re receiving from their environmental sustainability partner is high-quality? What behavior is indicative of an uncaring business, and what is simply industry standard? This may be hard to determine, especially if the client has not worked with many waste-to-energy companies or environmentally-focused waste disposal businesses before. Operating without such a context can have dire financial consequences. For example, the unknowing business may mistakenly believe they’re receiving great service when, in fact, they are not. They are merely being strung along with promises that they’ll eventually reach their sustainability goals while the environmental sustainability company is, in reality, planning to keep them moving as slowly toward those goals as possible, so they can make as much money as they can.

Indeed, the pursuit of environmental sustainability opens up quite a few doors for poor customer/waste management company relationships; hence why, as a business, educating yourself is critical to your sustainability success. Read on to obtain a cursory understanding of what a solid relationship between you and your sustainability company should look like.

Your Environmental Company and You: Relationship Ideals

First and foremost, your sustainability company should show no judgment toward you. You wouldn’t tolerate this behavior from any other kind of business, would you? While achieving your goals in this respect is important for the environment and for your company, shaming you or your brand for failing to achieve those goals has no place in your relationship. Where, might we ask, does it get anyone? You, the customer, are left feeling degraded and disheartened, while the sustainability company then becomes at risk of losing a client. Nobody wants to pay money to feel bad about their honest efforts, after all. Not only is being shamed obviously unethical, but it hinders both the achieving of your goals and those of the company doing the shaming. Environmental sustainability is critical to our planet’s future, and it doesn't deserve to be hampered in any way, shape, or form by emotional manipulation.

In addition to a shame-free relationship, your environmental sustainability company should provide you with:

●        Accurate reports regarding where your waste is going | Sustainability for businesses is very much a numbers game; it demands accountability in the form of accurate waste solutions reports. Your partner in sustainability endeavors must deliver timely, accurate, and easy-to-understand reports about where, exactly, your waste is going. This holds the company liable for what it’s doing, and it allows you to see if you’re really getting service that’s worthwhile.

●        Open communication | Going toward zero landfill is a complicated process, and it gets even more so the larger a business is. Your environmental sustainability company’s job is to simplify the said process by answering your questions, laying down a concrete and sensible game plan that you and any applicable workers can recite cursorily to anyone who asks. It’s important that everyone in a business be on board with any sustainability plan, big or small, and this all starts with your waste disposal company communicating exactly what that plan is.

●        Solid motivation to achieve your goals | While your environmental sustainability company shouldn’t shame you, the opposite of that is also quite true: they shouldn’t just let your business progress go down the same waste removal path if that path isn’t where you want to be. While it’s unreasonable to expect the company you do business with to be your exclusive cheerleader in this respect, you should feel motivated and excited about what you’re doing while you’re working with them.

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