When it comes to environmental sustainability, everyone can talk the talk. It’s simple to say that we’re doing our part to help the planet, and it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of believing it when others say likewise, without asking for further clarification or evidence. Perhaps this is because we don’t want to come off as judgemental, or perhaps it’s because landfills and climate change are such serious issues that thinking too much about them can be both overwhelming and, to some degree, terrifying.

Regardless, if you’re a business that’s committed to practicing sustainability truly—you talk the talk and walk the walk—the company you hire to help has to be serious too. Of course, this saves you money and ensures you don’t get a headache working with these people, but why hire a sustainable waste solutions company in the first place? For one, wouldn't it take extra time for them to learn how your company does things, and secondly, wouldn’t you have to spend ages managing them? Why not just hit the books yourself and start making the changes your company needs to help the planet? To refute all of the above, we present quite a few arguments:

●        Hiring a company saves you all that researching time | While adopting sustainable practices on one’s own can be done, it’s next to impossible without all the time in the world. When you hire a company well-versed in sustainability practices, you’re hiring ready-to-work current knowledge and past expertise to fix up your business’s waste management systems. Past experience doing their job makes the work of such a company faster than trying to research and implement individual tactics on your own, or even with the help of an in-company committee. No amount of internet articles read can compare to that.

●        Hiring a company makes the process stress-free | The larger your business is, the more factors and facets you’ll need to account for if you’re trying to move every section toward zero landfill practices or other sustainable modi operandi. One person, or even one committee, couldn’t possibly work with every part of every business in this respect unless those people want to add a nice helping of bone-crushing stress to their day-to-day operations. While a waste solutions company might not be able to manage every way your business could become more sustainable, it can sure help to lighten your load by taking care of your refuse.

●        Hiring a company gets you a non-judgemental ear while helping you stay on track to meet your goals | Of course, this is not true with all sustainability companies, but it is for us! Your waste management and environmental sustainability company should listen to your sustainability concerns, take them into account, and formulate a plan to help you meet your goals. Could you imagine doing all of that inside company walls with a subject—sustainability—you probably have little experience with? You might run such procedures on the daily when it comes to what your business does, so you should know that nothing beats a professional team to get things done.

Are you still not sold on hiring a company for the task? We’ve written a whole post about it on our sustainability blog. 

But back to the “serious” aspect of things, all of the above aside, when you're ready to hire, how do you make sure that your sustainability company is the right one to match your environmental devotion? We’ve written quite recently on what qualities the ideal environmental sustainability waste management company possesses and why, more broadly than in this post, you should hire such a company, but how do you know if a given potential partner has got the passion for moving your business into better waste practices? While all the qualities we spoke of in our previous post do apply, here are more concrete indicators that the sustainability company you've got in mind is made of serious stuff:

●        They can play the numbers game | Sustainability practices are difficult to measure on a day-to-day basis, so it can be hard to tell sometimes if you’re moving toward your goals. A seriously passionate sustainability company will, however, have mastered measurement practices through long hours of devotion and will provide your company with reports to help contextualize what it is you’re doing and working toward.

●        They’re professional | While there’s always something to be said for the value of a good laugh, sustainability is serious stuff that deserves a serious plan of attack. A serious sustainability company will express that they understand this via striving for the pinnacle of professionalism.

●        They take the time to educate you | Serious sustainability companies don’t hoard their knowledge; they know the value of spreading it and are passionate enough to do so. If you find yourself seriously engaged in conversations about your company’s waste management or researching the zero landfill initiatives mentioned in them on your break, then chances are you’ve found a serious provider of sustainable waste solutions.

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