Why is it that New Year’s goals always seem to be the toughest to accomplish? We typically tend to ride into a new year with a newfound sense of optimism and confidence that we’ll correct the behaviors or patterns we feel hold us back, yet studies show that less than 8% of people ultimately see their New Year’s resolutions through. Perhaps it’s because we truly don’t comprehend how making necessary changes produces effective change? Or perhaps it’s the concept of commitment that seemingly intimidates us? Maybe it’s both?    

We all know there’s a thin line between practice and commitment, especially when it comes to applying sustainability habits to our daily routines. It’s the same thin line that distinguishes companies who hope for success, and those who implement excellence by setting the bar high within their working environment. Just like all goals and achievements that ultimately become accomplished, searching for efficient commercial waste solutions requires incorporating set rules and standards that employees from top to bottom are held accountable for.

But committing your business to successful sustainability practices results in more than merely just doing your part to aid the well-being of our planet. Aside from exhibiting outstanding merit and moral values, executing effective waste solutions will do its part to benefit your business directly through a variety of advantageous factors.

If your company is interested in kicking off the new year on the right foot by understanding how contributing to efficacious waste-to-energy strategies will better the office as well as the world around it, here are a few reasons why all businesses should make a firm commitment to practicing sustainability in 2021.

Saving Money While Increasing Longevity

A common misconception about sustainability is that business owners assume implementing waste solutions into their budget is an unnecessary business expense. In fact, studies show that sustainability not only saves thousands of businesses around the world money, but can also increase the overall longevity of a company.

●        Reports indicate that in addition to saving over tens of millions of trees every year, businesses who have switched over to more effective waste management processes have saved millions of dollars through simple actions, such as recycling, composting, and other waste solutions.

This added revenue translates to industries all across the board!

●        Studies show that hospitals committed to reducing energy consumption and installing waste management solutions can save up to $15 billion in the next decade.

●        Restaurants committed to sustainability can experience food and waste cost reduction by up to 30 percent.

●        Hotels, such as Marriott International, have reported savings of up to $6 million per year after committing to more sustainable practices.

In addition to potentially saving big on utility and operational costs, reports have also found that cost reductions as a result of sustainability will improve overall operational efficiency, as well as, “experience no meaningful declines in share price compared to their industry peers during crises,” allowing these businesses to flourish and increase their longevity.      

Boost Employee Productivity & Satisfaction

Nothing makes a business boom like satisfied and productive employees, and it turns out an easy way to enhance workplace contentment and efficiency is by implementing more sustainability practices.

●        Studies show that businesses who switched over to more sustainability strategies such as proper waste management and energy conservation find that, ‘employee retention, productivity, and overall engagement all go up’.

●        Surveys have also indicated that around 73% of companies say they educate their employees about their sustainability goals, and in turn, approximately 90% of employees who are engaged in their company’s sustainability practices say that it, “enhances their job satisfaction and overall feelings about the company.”

Needless to say, happy and motivated employees often make for a successful and productive business.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Don’t just take our word that sustainable businesses are the way of the future. Consumers more than ever are expecting higher standards when it comes to the businesses they contribute to, specifically when it comes to practicing proper sustainability.

●        Studies show that 88%of consumers prefer companies that are more environmentally friendly than their competitors.

●        More than 80 percent of consumers feel it’s important for companies to “design environmentally conscious products.”

●        Other studies have indicated that sustainability is a crucial component to millennial consumer habits, with 73% of millennials finding themselves more willing to spend money with companies who practice sustainability. 

Some of the biggest companies around the world are heeding the word from these environmentally-conscious customers. Google, Nike, Wal-Mart, Apple, Starbucks, Ford, and so many more of the world’s most successful businesses have publicly pledged to practice sustainability through implementing a variety of environmentally-friendly practices.

It’s safe to say that sustainability isn’t merely a trend; it’s become standard procedure for how businesses should operate, in the eyes of consumers and competitors alike.      

Let LJP Waste Solutions Help Your Business Commit to Sustainability

As you can see, the benefits of sustainable solutions will profoundly impact your business. If you’re ready to start the new year on the right foot and make 2021 a year to remember, contact LJP Waste Solutions online today, or give us a call at 507-625-1968 to learn how we can help your business better commit to sustainability.