When it comes to working with a commercial waste service, one of the more overlooked advantages a business can benefit from these services is being provided with a detailed waste audit. It may be difficult to initially understand why a detailed report of the waste your company’s producing will benefit your organization in the long run.

However, if your business is interested in joining other companies around the world by committing to better sustainability practices, then knowing the ways a waste audit will efficiently sort the garbage you produce, enhance your recycling habits, and save you money will only help your enterprise in the long run.

Let’s breakdown all the ways a sufficient waste audit will benefit your business and the world it occupies!

What Exactly Is a Waste Audit?

Researchers have indicated that businesses alone are on pace to produce more than 27 billion tons of solid waste by the year 2050. Much of that waste is the result of inefficient disposal of garbage, which winds up accumulating in landfills that contributes to greenhouse gas production estimated to be 28 times more potent and toxic than carbon dioxide.

The point of a waste audit is to help reduce the amount of garbage that can be salvaged or recycled, and allow your business to better understand how much waste you’re producing, as well as help you efficiently dispose of it. You can think of a waste audit as a professional, environmentally beneficial dumpster dive. Handlers will sort through and organize all your collected waste, making note of all the materials, debris, and rubbish that’s been accumulated.

Eventually the waste is organized into several categories, including:

●        Municipal Waste

●        Recyclables

●        Yard Waste

●        Electronic Waste

●        Hazardous Materials

The overall goal is to determine how much of your waste is made of compostable, combustible, and recyclable materials, and salvage whatever we can. Anything that is recyclable will be transferred to various retailers or buyers, while any materials that are deemed combustible or compostable can be utilized as renewable energy sources at power plants.

In the end, businesses receive a detailed report accounting for all the waste that was collected and what will come of it, so companies can take a hard look at any necessary areas of waste disposal improvement.

Benefiting Your Business

Studies have shown that over 75% of waste that businesses throw out is considered to be recyclable and compostable. Conducting a waste audit will not only help establish a commitment to sustainability, but can also save businesses money through the following ways:

●        Track spending habits on items ultimately being thrown out

●        Avoid unnecessary hauling and disposal expenses

●        Utilize recyclable materials as a revenue source

●        Avoid potential city-mandated waste disposal fines

Whenever the curtain is pulled and it becomes apparent how much waste your business is producing (as well as how much of that garbage is actually going to “waste”), it’s easy to determine what solutions are necessary to correct these egregious environmental errors.

Plus, if efficient waste handling helps save your business any percentage of money, that’s a percentage that can be utilized on other company budgets in need of urgent expansion.

Protecting The Environment

Aside from saving money and determining frivolous expenses, the main way conducting a waste audit can benefit any business is by strengthening their devotion to environmental sustainability. The negative effects improper waste disposal has upon our planet are astounding.

From contributing to climate change, to promoting air and water pollution, to taking a toll on human and wildlife alike, it’s the little things every business can do that will ultimately make a big difference in providing our future with a safer, healthier world. Implementing effective waste solutions at your business, such as receiving waste audit reports, will vastly reduce the amount of unnecessary trash that continues to plague our society.

Conduct a Waste Audit for Your Business ASAP!

If you’re looking to cut down on municipal waste at your business, LJP Waste Solutions is here to help! We have a trained staff of experts who will thoroughly examine, organize, and effectively dispose of all your commercial waste, and will also provide you with a detailed report regarding our waste management process.

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