If you operate a large commercial corporation, the chances are that you are under continuous pressure from governing bodies, as well as your customers, to improve your waste processing system, so you are producing less waste to help the environment. In addition to making a contribution toward world sustainability, you will also be saving money and operating a more efficient business. Operating a large business is no easy task, and finding the right balance between efficiency and sustainability is even more difficult. However, by consulting with our waste processing experts at LJP Waste Solutions, we can reconfigure your current system so that it improves in its efficiency and allows you to meet your sustainability goals.

While you will be able to see how efficient your facility has become and the progress you have been able to make toward your sustainability goals, you may be wondering how you can verify this information to your customers, so they know you are making a concerted effort and dedicated to the future. This can be made easier when you choose LJP Waste Solutions. When you choose our business, not only can we provide you with detailed reports that show our efficiency, but we will create a report that we provide to you on a regular basis, so you can see the progress you are making and advertise it to your customers and potential clients. Here, we will discuss these reports in-depth, so you can see what makes us a step above the competition.

What Does Our Process Look Like?

At LJP, we do things differently than other waste processing facilities. In addition to offering services across the Upper Midwest, we take a hands-on approach to ensure you get what you need to be successful. When you come to our team, we will visit your facility to analyze how you currently process your waste and excess materials. From there, we will custom-create a plan to improve how your specific business operates. Then, we will help you find the equipment you need to make this plan a reality. Once this is completed, you can get to work.

For each of our customers, we create a waste processing plan that separates different materials that come through your facility into their own categories, such as metals, plastics, uncommon objects, and more. From there, you will compact and bale these materials together, and we will send a truck out to gather the materials. Once you have loaded the truck and we have taken it back to our Mankato headquarters, we will further separate it.

Every item that comes through our facility’s doors is documented and put into a report for each specific client. We weigh all the materials, so we can provide you an accurate assessment of what you were able to accomplish. The materials we take in are then separated by what can be recycled, what can be converted to fuel, and more. Then, we ship the recyclable material to another company, so it can be reused, while we ship the materials that can be converted into fuel to an RDF power plant to be converted to clean energy. We also document the materials that are sent out for energy conversion and recycling so we can put them in your report.

How Do Reports Prove Your Credibility?

We will consistently provide you with our detailed reports at predetermined times, so you can see how you are progressing toward your goals and boast about your results to your customers. Our detailed reports will detail how many different materials you sent to us, what percentage of them were able to be converted to fuel or recycled, and much more. Each report breaks down the various materials, such as:

●        Amount of Shrink Wrap

●        Amount of Paper

●        Amount of Plastics

●        Amount of Metals

●        And more

Then, we will calculate how these materials contributed to sustainability. We will determine a variety of different factors, which includes how many trees were saved due to our combined efforts, how many kilowatts of energy were saved, how many gallons of oil and water were saved, and how much material was kept out of the landfills.

With these reports, you can show customers and potential clients the difference you are making on a consistent basis. This will reaffirm your credibility and will make like-minded customers who are committed to sustainability want to conduct business with you.

To see what LJP was able to accomplish in 2018, visit this page. To see an example of the report we would provide to you, click here.

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