Implementing more efficient and sustainable waste solutions should be a top priority for every business, especially those that deal with environmentally-harmful products or materials. Every second in the United States, there are 13 tons of hazardous waste produced, equating to more than 400 million tons of hazardous waste generated every year.

Most of the reasons that contribute to such inadequate waste management revolves around companies failing to safely and securely dispose of dangerous materials or products. That’s why professional product destruction services have emerged as an effective waste solution, properly discarding waste products with a process that’s more sustainable and avoids having to resort to landfill dumping.

Whether your business is looking to dispose of expiring electronics, toxic chemicals, or dated medical equipment, here’s how product destruction can not only provide a safe resolution to getting rid of these materials, but also help out the environment in the process.

What is Product Destruction?

Before we dive into how product destruction contributes to environmental sustainability, let’s review how this process actually works. Whenever a business is in possession of expired, defective, toxic, confidential, or even counterfeit products, utilizing a product destruction service will not only effectively shred or demolish these materials, but can also assess whether they can be recycled or reused for product or fuel purposes.

Using innovative processing facilities, product destruction services incorporate manual and machine techniques to disassemble and break down the products, ultimately turning them over to be recycled or disposed of in a more sustainable manner. Essentially, product destruction is a means for businesses to securely unload any materials that could be harmful to both the environment or their own reputation.

Regulation Compliance

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing a reputable waste management company is knowing that you’re destroying products within full compliance of the law. While every industry varies in terms of how the products or materials they produce need to be properly disposed of, professional product destruction ensures that all the legal requirements of waste removal are abided by. This way, you can contribute to improving the environment while also avoiding any potential fines or other legal restrictions due to improper waste disposal.


Just because a product is considered to be dated or possibly harmful doesn’t mean it can’t be reused. One of the most resourceful aspects to product destruction is the potential to procure reusable fuel from shredded materials, which can then be utilized as a clean fuel alternative to fossil fuels. When materials can be processed into Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF), we can start contributing to reducing our dependence on environmentally-damaged fossil fuels, which account for 80 percent of all of the energy consumed in the U.S.

Reduced Landfill Dependency

Another crucial component to the merits of product destruction is reducing the amount of waste that is shipped off to landfills. This is especially applicable with toxic materials that can have significant environmental or health consequences if dumped off at a local landfill. Every year, landfills are the source of where just under 140 million tons of waste is dropped off, contributing to a number of environmentally-crippling factors ranging from pollution to inadequate waste management. The less that businesses depend on resorting to landfills to host their expired or harmful products, the better off our communities and environment will be because of it.

Professional Product Destruction Services for Your Business

From enhancing your business’s reputation to helping save the planet, there’s an abundance of advantages professional product destruction services can provide for your company. When you need efficient waste management resources, LJP Waste Solutions has the product destruction capabilities to take care of your garbage and recycling needs. Contact us today to learn more about our zero landfill initiative, or call us at 507-625-1968 to speak directly with one of our waste management experts.