It’s easy to take your residential garbage service provider for granted. While we do our role regarding tying up the garbage bags, stuffing them in the trash bins, and dragging them out to the curb, we rarely think about the extraordinary efforts and lengths our garbage servicemen go to ensure that our waste removal needs are taken care of. That’s why we must contribute more on our end as community members to address what qualities of waste disposal we expect our residential garbage service providers to abide by.

Whether it’s understanding the legalities and practices each residential garbage service enforces, or assessing their approach toward implementing better recycling and sustainability policies, it’s important to take the time to consider what attributes and goals you want to see accomplished from the companies handling our waste. When it comes to keeping your community as efficient, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly as possible, here’s what you need to know when trying to choose the best residential garbage service for optimal waste management.

Recycling Services

Before you start to dive into how every residential garbage service in your area stacks up, you’ll want to inquire about what types of recycling services they all offer. Some basic questions you should consider include:

●        What are their recycling certifications?

●        Are they offering assorted or mixed bins for curbside service?

●        Do they cater to single-stream recycling methods?

●        What materials do they exclude from their recycling services?

●        Have they ever received any recycling violations or sanctions?

●        What is their process for converting recyclable materials?

The more questions like these you can get answered, the clearer it will be as to which residential garbage service offers the most reputable and efficient recycling process.


Like any legal enterprise, your residential garbage service provider needs to have the necessary experience and credentials in order to properly manage your waste. While policies and regulations vary by state-to-state in terms of what exact licenses or certifications waste management service companies need, common examples of credible certifications associated with the waste disposal industry include:

●        Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance certificate

●        International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification

●        Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) Training and Certification

●        E-Waste Recycling Certified (for handling electronic waste)

Residential garbage services boasting the most training and official certifications can only be assumed to be reputable and efficient.

Services Provided

Every residential garbage service varies in regards to what exact waste disposal services they provide for their customers. To get the trash and recycling removal services you need, you’ll want to check the policies of every provider in your area, specifically keeping an eye out for whether or not they remove various forms of waste such as:

●        Yard waste policies

●        Hazardous household waste disposal

●        Bulky or large item removal

●        Electronic waste pickup

Knowing what waste management policies your residential garbage services enforces will help you avoid any waste disposal mishaps or possible fines in the long run.

Sustainable Practices

While it’s easy to focus your decision on what accommodations residential garbage services can make for you, it’s also crucial to consider what their sustainability practices are, that can have a huge impact on the community at-large. Some common environmental sustainability policies to look out for when selecting a residential garbage service provider can include:

●        Significantly limiting the amount of waste disposed at landfills

●        Certain materials are converted into reusable fuels

●        Waste materials are processed and sorted through to determine best course of disposal action

●        Energy-efficient usage of incineration practices

●        Composting options are available

Your waste management provider should be able to outline what sustainability practices and policies they incorporate into their collection services, helping you choose a company that you can trust on to do its best in improving the environment.

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