It is no secret that our world is suffering from consumerism, and for some, it is as easy as taking out for the commercial trash services to take care of. The argument is that the individual creating the mess needs to clean it up, but in most cases, the leftovers end up in landfills.

The problem does not stop there because toxins are disposed of daily that sit and seep into the planet, threatening everyone in the community. The toxic substances affect the ground, the animals, and the plants, leaving behind a problem of immense proportions.

Steps Forward Toward Change

But where do people begin with changing their behaviors and making a difference? Individuals can start with the companies that they are purchasing from.

One study showed that consumers prefer eco-friendly items and will pay a higher cost to obtain these items to help their world. Companies have heard their concerns and are starting to make changes toward a more sustainable way of recycling.

The Birth of New Products

Companies are starting to branch out for new options to change their production methods. One of the key features is using recycled materials for producing their items. Some ways use waste to create furniture, and others use old bottles to make their packaging. This process not only offers a simple strategy but a more effective one.

Nike implemented recycled plastic to make wearable fabrics and has recycled over four million plastic bottles since 2010. The starting point for all companies is to find a way to repurpose with the right equipment to reduce their impact on the planet.

New Forms of Art

In this case, the companies work with artists to create objects from recycled items sold in auctions or displayed. Businesses have developed partnerships with individuals like Francisco de Pajaro, a Spanish painter who creates characters out of trash on the street.

Creating a Powerful Solution

In 2020, the world’s largest waste-to-energy plant was founded in China. The concept is to incinerate waste materials and up to 5,0000 tons per day. There is some opposition around the incineration process causing more C02 emissions, but based on emissions from landfills, the plant will only emit half that amount per year.

Sweden is another country working toward creating waste solutions. They have made the WTE plants that generate steam from their incinerations and are then turned into energy that spins turbines to produce electricity. The recycling program is now used to assist with heating districts, creating biofertilizers and biogas.

Keeping Housing an Eco-Friendly Option

A new niche called sustainable design has started in Bogota using waste to help with the growing communities needing housing. The garbage is cleaned, melted down, then turned into blocks that can lock together to create sustainable houses. They consist of two bedrooms, a living room, a dining and kitchen area, and a bathroom built for around $5,200. The buildings will biodegrade but can last up to 500 years, depending on the environment.

Hanging up the Plastics

Several companies are using plastics found in the ocean to produce their items. HP has implemented using them to create cartridges, and (re)x based in Los Angeles has made a new sustainable clothing hanger. They source the raw materials from beaches, and the uniqueness of the hangers comes with changing colors from the material they have used.

Noteworthy Companies

Several companies are pushing their way toward a more sustainable future and specialize in reusing waste.

Green Toys

This business specializes in making toys from milk jugs for over ten years. The products are safe and eco-friendly, and they use soy ink for their boxes.


Allbirds has laid a claim as creating the most comfortable shoes in the world. They produce their footwear from 100 percent recycled materials and work alongside animal welfare groups and sustainable farming practices to promote further sustainability.


Rothy’s has recycled over 12 million water bottles to create shoes designed for women with busy lives. The fabric created from plastic makes them popular due to its flexibility and comfort.

Recover Brands

These clothing products range from daily wear to outdoor gear for the whole family. They use recycled plastic barrels, soda bottles, and any other kind of waste they can reuse.


Looptworks bags and accessories are all made from recycled items and operate out of Portland, OR. They are also recognized as a B corporation, meaning they have a significant commitment to sustainability.

Raising More Awareness

It is no secret that there is an issue in our world with material consumption, so the primary way to combat this epidemic is to bring more light to the problem. Companies have to start being more diligent in their use, and the only way this can happen is if consumers make this a requirement.

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