No matter if you are working on a small construction project on your home or you’re a contractor working on a significant project, you need to have the proper equipment to complete your project. It is likely you already know you can’t dispose of many construction materials in a normal garbage receptacle. Therefore, you need to do your research to determine what materials your local waste company will and will not accept. From there, you need to find the proper equipment for the materials you are expecting. When you choose LJP Waste Solutions, you will have access to a variety of different equipment for your waste disposal. At LJP, we accept over 50 rare materials in addition to all of the common materials, like plastic and paper. Here, our team will discuss the disposal equipment you need to look into renting for your project.

What Are Common Materials You’ll Need to Dispose Of?

No matter what type of construction project you are working on, you will likely need to dispose of several common materials, as well as some materials that aren’t as common. At LJP, we have seen it all and have a set list of what we can and cannot accept. Some of the many materials we can recycle and process include:

●        Non-Treated Lumber

●        Concrete

●        Concrete Block

●        Copper Tubing

●        Plastic Siding

●        Vinyl Siding

●        Aluminum Siding

●        Brick

●        Shingles

●        And much more

Additionally, some of the materials we do not accept include:

●        Caulk Tubes

●        Paint

●        Asbestos

●        Furniture

●        Batteries

●        And more

If you have an item and don’t see it on either of these lists, visit our webpage to see the whole list or contact us today.

Disposal Equipment You Should Rent

When you are completing a project, you need to have the right equipment to get the job done well and properly dispose of waste. At LJP, we rent a plethora of equipment to ensure you have everything you need to be successful. Some of the equipment we rent out includes:

●        Roll-Off Containers | Roll-offs are one of our most popular pieces of rental containers. Typically, we see our customers who have a large home or commercial project rent these for their materials. In addition to providing more space than a normal dumpster, they can be towed away to be emptied and brought back easily. We carry three different sizes of roll-offs, which can vary in design. They can either have an open-top or closed-lidded opening. Additionally, the three sizes are 10-yards, 20-yards, and 30-yards.

●        Security Enclosure and Locking Bar | Whether you are renting a traditional dumpster or roll-off, we offer several safety additions, so you can ensure your equipment and waste materials are protected at all times. While you may not think it is necessary to protect these items, you need to think about the people in the surrounding area. After you are off for the day, people are likely still going to be passing by your worksite, which means people could purposely or inadvertently get in the way and injure themselves. By investing in security enclosure rentals for your dumpster or roll-off, you can ensure no one can get near your materials. You can also invest in a locking bar for the same person. As long as it's properly installed, no one should be able to access your dumpster or roll-off.

●        Compactors | For certain projects, you may need to make more room for additional waste materials. If you think that is the case or it does become the case, you should rent a compactor for your needs. The compactor will crush like materials together, which will condense them enough to increase the space within your roll-offs.

●        Kirby Carts | Kirby carts are the traditional trash receptacles that you more than likely have. These carts are what you receive from your waste solutions company that allows you to store your trash and recycling until the designated day when your company comes to collect them. Both businesses and residential homes utilize kirby carts. When you have a construction project going on, you are going to have both construction materials to dispose of, as well as normal materials, like food containers, bottles, paper, and more. While you will likely be renting a roll-off for your construction materials, you cannot put normal materials into roll-offs. Instead, if you don’t already have kirby carts, you should rent some for your construction project, so you can keep your materials separate for your waste collection company.

Contact LJP Waste Solutions Today

If you are in the Upper Midwest and searching for a team to rent you equipment for your various construction projects, contact LJP Waste Solutions today. In addition to providing state-of-the-art waste processing and sustainability services, we also provide rental equipment, so you can properly dispose of any waste you have during and at the conclusion of your construction project. No matter if it’s a home project or a larger project for a small contractor, we can provide you with what you need. To learn more, give us a call at 507-625-1968 or message us on our contact page.