It is no secret that Amazon is a significant contributor to home delivery services. They create more ease and offer a wide variety of options for consumers to choose from, all from the comfort of their home or office.

But with all these deliveries come the containers that the product arrives in, and it can be highly beneficial to understand other ways these boxes can be applied while also promoting environmental stability, so here are some suggestions.

Sending a Friendly Note

Getting a letter or postcard from a friend or family member can be a joyful experience, and it can be even more rewarding to send it.

One of the first options to repurpose Amazon boxes is to turn them into a card you can personalize for the person receiving it. This can be a great interactive option for the kids by applying their imagination and decoration for friends or family members.

Getting Organized

Are you finding that things are starting to pile up on a table, or perhaps you have an art station that needs organizing?

The boxes are well built and sturdy, so you know that you can place heavier objects inside of them to keep them in an orderly fashion to locate later. They can also be utilized to get your recycling organized inside your home and make it easier to carry out to your receptacles.

Having Extra Support

If you have a garden or outdoor area and spend a lot of time planting and caring for the site, it can wreak havoc on your knees without any support.

Amazon boxes can be broken down and layered to offer your legs and back more cushion without having to sit or kneel directly on the ground. This can make your overall experience more comfortable, creating a lusher and more beautiful garden area by not feeling rushed due to discomfort while at the same time fostering more efficient waste solutions.

Be Creative

Art is a great way for an individual to express themselves and the boxes are excellent because they can be repurposed for most creative projects.

The cardboard is a great place to apply paint, or use it as an easel. It can work as a substitute for paper,  or create something fun with the boxes, such as a costume or even a makeshift table for a game.

Planning a Sale?

If you plan on having an event from an estate sale to a lemonade stand, the cardboard can be re-utilized for the announcement.

By adding some brightly colored paint and any pertinent information, the sign can be posted on a nearby pole or in the vicinity of the event so passersby can see it.

Donate to a Cause

If you are doing some spring cleaning, you might want to consider keeping the boxes to gather up any extra items you no longer want. The box can be a great way to hold the items, and you can offer them as part of the donation, so you don't need to worry about getting a container back.

In addition to this, there is also a program called Give Back Box that works to make donating your items easier as long as the box is shippable. The Amazon boxes make a great option simply because of how sturdy they are so you don’t have to worry about the contents inside.

Helping Others

Have you been collecting a large number of boxes in a spare room? Another option is to list them on platforms online with social media for others to use.

Moving is stressful enough, so offering them to individuals who are moving or need the extra containers for storage can be highly beneficial to anyone going through the process. Taking the time to give the boxes to someone who needs them can be helpful for you as well by freeing up your space, and you can feel good knowing you helped another person.

Pet Friendly

It's no secret that cats love boxes, so these are a great choice to create a fun and engaging environment for your pet.

By simply adorning it with toys, you can make a shelter or even a bed for any pet you have. Simply filling it with some soft blankets and toys can be a welcome area for your pet to relax.

Keep Your Garden Manageable

Another benefit of the boxes is utilizing them in areas where weeds might be problematic for your property.

One of the best methods is to remove any tape or possible contaminants, wet the cardboard down with water in the area you want to remove the weeds, then place dirt back over the top. This will prevent them from returning and save you from using any toxic chemicals on the ground.

LJP Waste Solutions: A Commitment to the Planet

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