If you have a computer that has been in your home for an extended period, you might be wondering what you can do with it if it no longer fits your needs. Throwing it out into the commercial waste service may not be the answer here because you can make money from recycling it. Understanding your options is essential, so here are some ways to help you get started putting more money in your pocket for your outdated computer.

Look for Local Buyers

The first place that you can utilize is on websites like eBay or Craigslist. These are great because they can reach thousands of people who might be looking for precisely what you are offering in a short period. eBay can be a safer option because they have some protections for sellers, whereas Craigslist might be taking a risk because there are no protections in place.

Trade It

Trading has become a more popular option recently, and there are applications now that allow you to get rid of your device while at the same time collecting money and keeping it out of a landfill. The apps can be downloaded and have buyers and sellers looking for used electronics while following specific guidelines to keep everyone safe. There might be some fees involved for the transactions, and you may have to pay for shipping, but it can be worth it for the right price, and it creates more waste solutions at the same time.

Get Credit

Some sites like Apple and Best Buy may be willing to give you credit towards an in-store purchase in exchange for the trade-in. For example, Apple will take their computers back as long as they are newer than ten years old. Before starting you always want to check on the rules and regulations with each company to get the best deal because they may be unwilling to negotiate on prices.

Do Something Creative With It

If you are highly creative, you could consider using the components to create artwork. There is a growing demand for electronic style creations of this type, so you might consider opening your own Etsy shop to create a profitable and fun endeavor.

Part It Out

Computers have many different parts and components inside of them, including RAM sticks, CPUs, coolers, and many more, which all hold some level of value. This can be beneficial because even if no one is interested in purchasing the whole computer, they may need the components to replace other parts in their personal computers, and this can be a cost-friendly option for them.

If you are planning on doing this, it is recommended to do the work yourself, which means taking the computer apart, cleaning all the components, and making sure everything is undamaged and separated. You can then create your listings on platforms like eBay to sell the different parts and potentially make some money.

Talk to a Vendor

If you own a business and are beginning to incorporate new systems, you might have outdated computers that you need to eliminate, but you do not want to spend much time on this. In some cases, it is an excellent suggestion to find a vendor that can help secure options for trading in or recycling the electronics to get you as high a trade price as possible.

Scrap It

You may have local scrap yards that would be willing to purchase the computer as scrap. In most situations, the companies will buy the computers regardless of how old they are because the components are generally made with rare metals like gold. This leaves them in an excellent position to harvest the metals, but you want to check with them first because they may have specific requirements or approaches for these transactions. In this scenario chances are, you will not make a ton of money, but it will get you a little bit of extra cash, and it is a fast way to get rid of the computer, meaning less stress.

Reuse the Material

For some individuals building a computer might be a fun experience, and if you are trying to source all new parts, you might find it is pretty costly, so utilizing old material can be a more affordable solution. There are several components in the computer that can be the best parts to keep, and they consist of the fans, case, power supply, graphics card, and any storage drives.

Reusing is always a great option but be sure that they are in good working order to ensure that you are getting the performance you are looking for out of the computer once it is completed.

LJP: Community Focused & Sustainable Waste Solutions

As you can see, there are many ways to utilize an old computer to bring in some extra money, start a fun art project if you are creative, and, more importantly, keep the e-waste out of a landfill. Finding as many options as possible to create a zero landfill environment is a primary concern in our world, and LJP waste solutions are here to help! We specialize in helping create waste to energy companies through education and a streamlined system for all our clients.

Our primary concern is implementing sustainability goals that will work for residences and businesses alike, so contact us online today or call us at 507-625-1968 today.