If it's not already clear, our world needs to find more sustainability practices in every aspect of our lives. And with many of today's manufacturers producing clothing that comes from synthetic materials that can have detrimental effects on the environment, this is a critical reason to make a different choice. These companies use synthetic materials that can release toxic chemicals and utilize large amounts of energy to process the items, leading to more issues.

In addition, colored fabrics also require harmful chemicals for dyeing the clothing, and when the color is washed out, it goes straight into the environment, so looking for alternatives is the key. Choosing sustainable items from a company with an ethical brand can be the answer, so LJP Waste Solutions has listed some easy tips to make sustainable choices when it comes to your wardrobe.

Consider the Materials

One of the first considerations is what the material is made of and choosing items like polyester or other artificial materials or synthetics is not considered sustainable. In addition, even some cotton, due to its use of pesticides and fertilizers during farming, may also be problematic.

The best fibers to look for our renewable ones because they are recyclable and use less water in their production. Some choices include hemp, silk, linen, bamboo, rayon, and wool.

Choosing Second Hand

Another great option is to choose to purchase second-hand. This is one of the most environmentally friendly choices because they do not need to produce new material, which can include extra chemicals, energy use, water, or create additional waste. Second-hand clothing is also more affordable and readily available through thrift stores, online shopping, and garage sales.

Look at the Intention of the Purchase

In many situations, individuals make their purchases without considering why they are doing it. This is a normal part of our culture, and one way to help make sustainable choices is to ask why the purchase is being made. Researching and understanding brands available, what clothing sustainability means, and fabric types can help you make a selection that ensures you are getting value and working towards waste solutions that don't involve material going into a landfill.

Another thing to consider is that sustainable clothing is produced differently, so in most cases, you will get a more durable option that will last longer, saving you money in the long run.

Pick Handmade Local Options

Marketplaces online will also have fashion designers that are making handmade items. These items can come at more reasonable prices and have a lower impact on the natural environment. These are commonly found through vendors on the internet, farmer's markets, craft fairs, and flea markets, and you know you are getting a unique item, made by someone who cares.

Invest in Companies that Offer Connection

Sustainability starts with the company, and another consideration when you are purchasing clothing is, how does the business work towards sustainability. Look for companies creating employment opportunities that pay a livable wage and have ethical standards that they enforce.

You can also look for a connection between the company and the product they are creating because it will show if they are making responsible and ethical choices based on the products they manufacture. Their care will also be apparent through the work they put in towards creating more eco-friendly options for shipping and packaging methods as well.

Look for Clothing Made from Recycled Materials

Polyester has become a primary source of materials for most clothing, and the demand is growing, but unfortunately, this is not a sustainable option. As the material breaks down, it releases microplastics that will end up in the ocean and is already becoming problematic for marine life in the sea. It also ends up in the human system as they eat and drink. Recycled items like plastic bottles are now being used in clothing, which is an alternative to polyester which is produced from petroleum.

Choose Durability

The last tip in this list is to choose clothing that offers high value because it will less impact the environment. In most cases, these are also higher quality items made from ethical brands and will help promote a more sustainable solution and durability. In addition to this, because of the extra care taken in creating the item, they are more durable and don't have to be replaced as frequently.

LJP Waste Solutions, Your Trusted Source for Sustainable Options

These are just a few ways you can help create an impact by choosing a more sustainable option for your clothing. And if you're looking for more information on creating zero landfill companies, LJP Waste Solutions is your trusted source. We are a locally owned company in Minnesota, specializing in multiple options, including commercial waste service with expert results.

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