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What is Sustainability, Really?

Sustainability: it’s all the rage these days. Perhaps you’re a business that’s interested in it. If so, you’re in the right place! LJP Waste Solutions, as experts in environmental sustainability and sustainable waste solutions, is here to help your business embrace it. By embracing sustainability and implementing the concept from the ground up, your business will not only gain a new aspect it can leverage for good PR, but it will also leave the planet a better place than it would have if you had not embraced the ideology.

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Common Misconceptions About Sustainability

With the popularity of adopting waste solutions that cater to environmental sustainability, it’s no wonder that many misconceptions have popped up around doing so—not just about the sustainable waste solutions part, but around the concept as a whole. In other words, many businesses and executives within them believe things about sustainability that just aren’t true.

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- Trees Saved in 2020!