In today’s world, many large corporations are committing themselves to sustainability efforts because they see the need for protecting our resources, and they understand that their customers want to see them making an effort. At LJP Waste Solutions, we have been committed to sustainability for decades and are the industry leaders in sustainable efforts. Here, our team of sustainability experts will discuss why you should commit your large business to a sustainable future.

Zero Landfill

At LJP Waste Solutions, we are committed to sustainability on every level, and one of our primary focus areas is the zero landfill initiative. The zero landfill initiative is part of a larger push for zero waste. Though there is no way to reuse, recycle, or convert to fuel every material on the planet, the goal is that someday it will be possible. However, for now, the zero landfill initiative focuses on keeping the materials that can be recycled, reused, or converted out of the landfill. When you dedicate your business to sustainability and work with LJP, we will ensure that all applicable materials are reused how they should be, and no materials that can be reused, recycled, or converted are put in the landfill.

We operate our own landfill, and the vast majority of products we take in never see the landfill. Most of them are sold to outside buyers to be recycled, reused, or converted to clean fuel to power our power plants. Only materials that we absolutely cannot find a second use for go to the landfill. We are the industry leader in the zero landfill initiative, and by committing your business to sustainability, you can join us.


Another one of the many reasons you should commit your large business to sustainability efforts is that you can be an industry leader in waste-to-energy efforts. The chances are that your competitors are more than likely not making the same effort to convert their waste materials into fuel as you are, which could set you apart from the competition and make you the go-to company for several potential customers.

As described above, we are committed to the zero landfill initiative. Part of this initiative is discovering new ways to keep solid waste out of landfills. At LJP, we are able to shred certain materials with our machinery and ship them to power plants we operate. At these power plants, these specific materials are then converted to fuel and burned to provide power for the plant, which eliminates the need for fossil fuels. The fuel we create is called Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF). Our ability to use RDF is one of the many reasons why we are the industry leader in sustainability efforts. When you use LJP, we can convert certain materials you give to us into RDF for sustainability measures, which helps preserve fossil fuels and more. Our ability to convert waste into clean energy is one of the many reasons you should commit your business to sustainability.

Reports for Proof

After you commit your company to sustainability efforts, you will be able to show your customers your dedication to the future, not just make false promises with no proof. When you come to LJP Waste Solutions for your business’s sustainability needs, you will get full comprehensive services that will set your company up for a better future. At LJP, we follow a set process that allows us to fully analyze your company and discover how you currently operate before creating a new plan to enhance your company.

Once we analyze your current process, we will create a detailed process for you to improve certain aspects of your business. From there, we will walk you through the process, so you understand how it will help you improve. Once you have accepted our proposal, and your system is implemented, we will set up a regular schedule to provide you with our customized reports. Our reporting process is unique in the fact we measure, weigh, and record every single material that enters our facility. From there, we key them into our program, so we know exactly what you turned into us. Once that is done, we then discover and record how much of the materials you sent us were converted to fuel, recycled, reused, or sent to the landfill. These reports then calculate how much of each material, like paper, plastic, and metal, you were able to reuse for the better and how that benefited the planet.

We will provide you with these reports at set times to show you the difference you are making. We also collect all the reports from our various customers and show them to you and other potential clients at set times, so you can see the difference LJP is making, as well. You can provide your customers with your reports, as well, so you can show them how dedicated you are to sustainability action, so they can reaffirm their faith in your services.  

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