If you are truly committed to sustainability and ensuring your business is doing everything possible to better the world around you, not only should you invest in and implement a new waste processing system, but you should also get your employees involved and motivate them to help you reach your sustainability goals. While they will obviously follow the waste processing procedures when it comes to working with your manufacturing and business processes, they may not think of the same things when they are on their lunch breaks or eating a quick snack at various points throughout the day. However, by drafting up and implementing a compost initiative at your business, you can ensure you are going above and beyond your customer’s expectations to meet sustainability goals. Here, our waste processing experts at LJP Waste Solutions will discuss the benefits of implementing a composting program and how to do it.

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing A Composting Program?

At LJP Waste Solutions, we focus on helping large corporations install and manage their waste processing systems so they can reach their sustainability goals and make a better impact on the environment. However, while our waste processing systems are great at properly disposing of waste materials in large settings, there is a substantial difference in how your employees treat their own waste products, as opposed to your company’s overall waste. In addition to these benefits, we will detail several others here:

●        Improve Your Overall Efficiency | While your company may have one of our state-of-the-art waste processing systems in place for your everyday business functions, you may not have a sustainability program in place for your workers. Nearly all of your employees will eat during the day, use a desk and supplies during the day, and do several other things that will result in waste being placed in your company’s normal trash receptacles. However, by implementing a composting initiative, your employees’ everyday waste will be properly disposed of, which will improve your company’s energy efficiency.

●        Reach Your Sustainability Goals | If you start a composting project at your company, you should consider setting up a program to record the materials you end up composting, recycling, reusing, or throwing away. By doing this, you can create a detailed report, like the reports we create for our customers at LJP, which can then be used to show the progress you have made to both your employees and customers.

●        Enhance Company Morale | By creating a project that works toward the greater good and making a difference in the world around you, you will very likely increase your company’s morale and create comradery. Additionally, by recording what your company is doing and working toward, you can show your employees substantial evidence that they are making a difference, which can encourage them to continue with the program. Creating a company-wide incentive program can also encourage your employees to partake in your efforts.

To discover more benefits of implementing a composting initiative at your business, reach out to waste processing experts, like ours at LJP Waste Solutions, to learn more. We can walk you through the potential benefits before offering suggestions on how to start. To learn more about different sustainability initiatives, contact us today.  

Implementing Your Composting Initiative

To start with, you need to get approval from upper management to start the program, if you are not already the upper management. From there, you need to incorporate different disposal areas for specific wastes. However, it is not this simple. Each step of your plan needs to carefully thought out, such as:

●        How many bins will you need?

●        Where will they be placed?   

●        Who all needs to be involved?

●        Do you need to coordinate with someone to dispose of your waste?

●        How do you record how much you’re saving?

Once you have all of these intangibles figured out, you can begin to put the plan in action. From there, you can get your fellow employees to buy-in by explaining the program and working with your supervisors to potentially create an incentive program. With an incentive program, you can create healthy competition to get the program off its feet, which will ultimately help your program last. To learn more about how you should go about creating a composting initiative at your business, contact LJP today.

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