You may hear several waste processing companies saying they will provide you with proof of the progress you have made, but what are their plans?  How are they going to provide you with substantial evidence that you can then show to your customers to prove that you truly are making a difference? At LJP Waste Solutions, as a solution to this issue, we discovered a way to put together a comprehensive report that details everything you did to help the environment when you chose our services. This report is categorically organized by material type, weight, conversion rates, and more. Here, our waste processing experts will discuss our reporting techniques and process and how they have been setting the industry standard for years.

Our Waste Solutions Process

At LJP Waste Solutions, we have been helping our clients run a more efficient waste solutions process over the past few decades. When you operate a large commercial business, it can be difficult to operate a streamlined waste processing system because there are so many moving parts and things to take into consideration. For instance, we need to completely analyze and diagnose your current waste processing system to see where it can be improved upon. From there, we will design a new system for your company so you can operate more efficiently from the get-go.

This process will create a better flow from start to finish in your facility. Your staff members will be trained in how to use your new system and the technology needed for this system so that your company is being as efficient as possible through the entire process. Essentially, your new process will have you and your employees sort through the different materials that you go through frequently, such as paper, cardboard, plastic wrap, and more. From there, these materials will be divided into their like categories before being baled together using our various pieces of equipment, like balers, compactors, shredders, and more. After they are sorted and baled, our team then comes to retrieve them and bring them to our facility.

How Do We Record What We Take In?

At predetermined times, or if at your request, we will send our fleet of trucks to your business to collect the materials you are looking to get rid of. After your team loads everything into the semis, we will then bring it back to our Mankato to our headquarters to sort through each material. Every bale we bring through our doors is then weighed and entered into our tracking system under your company’s ID, so we can provide you with accurate results. Each of our customers has their own reports and categories that we combine together for our reports at LJP. After we record the materials we take in, they are then separated into their respective locations within our facility.

What Goes Into Our Reports?

At LJP, we wanted to be able to show our customers what they are doing for the world around us, so we created a detailed, innovative reporting system that further solidifies us as the industry leader in reporting solutions. When you have your initial consultation with our team, we will set up predetermined times to provide you with reports, so you can see the difference you are making and show it to your customers.

Our reporting is truly state-of-the-art. After we sort the materials we got from you, we then determine which ones can be reused, recycled, converted into fuel, and which ones cannot be reused in some way. We ensure that we carefully measure and record each one of your materials that falls into these categories, so we can display them on your report.

From there, we either sell the recyclable and reusable materials to outside buyers, so they can have a second life, or we ship the materials to power plants we operate to be converted into a clean fuel called Refuse-Derived Fuel. This fuel eliminates the need for fossil fuels to power the plants, which saves large amounts of resources.

After each of the materials you ship to us go to their new home, we input that information into our report and calculate how much you were able to save. Our reports detail how much of each material you gave to us and how much of each one was able to be converted for a second use. Then, we detail what reusing those materials did for the environment. We will show you how many gallons of water you saved, how many trees you saved, and more in the reports.

Our reports are a step above the rest, and we have helped countless customers see the difference they are making firsthand with our innovative reporting system.

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