Committing the overall function of your company to sustainability efforts is one thing, but getting your employees to buy into this train of thought can be difficult. Your product line can be fully converted, but what about when your employees are at their desks or in the cafeteria? How can you get them to buy into your efforts to ensure your entire company is following the production team and doing everything they can to ensure you are reaching all of your sustainability goals. No effort goes unsung, and it is critical you help your employees understand how important this is. By doing this, you are making a difference for your company and the world around you, but how do you get your employees to buy into your company’s efforts. Here, our sustainability experts at LJP Waste Solutions will discuss ways to get your employees involved in your sustainability efforts.

How To Get Your Employees Involved In Your Efforts

If you come to LJP Waste Solutions for your commercial business’s sustainability efforts, you will get a full waste processing solution to enhance your business’s efforts. For our commercial services, we come to your business to evaluate your current waste processing system before designing a brand new system for you. This system will help you better sort materials that are able to be reused, recycled, converted into fuel, and more. This will save an inordinate amount of materials, which will help show your customers the efforts you are making.

While a full waste processing system is guaranteed to get your employees to participate while doing their jobs, how do you get them to be involved while they’re not in the production area and are in the cafeteria or at their desk? Here, we will discuss ideas to get your employees involved in your work even when they’re not in the production area.

Host Informational Meeting | The best way to get the word out about your company’s new initiatives isn’t by sending out an email that your employees probably won’t read. Instead, you should host a company-wide meeting with employees across each department of your business. In this meeting, you should thoroughly explain everything you are doing to ensure everyone understands that your new initiative is for the employees, as well as the production team. You should look to find a way to make your presentation interesting and engaging, so your employees don’t tune it out like they would an email. However, before you host your informational meeting, you should first have every aspect of your employee-based plan thought out. You need to know where different trash, recycling, and composting receptacles will be, as well as who will take care of them, how often they’ll be emptied, and more. 

Offer Incentive Program | After you have your informational meeting and set the standards for your employees, you should consider implementing an incentive program to encourage your employees to stick with your sustainability initiative. Your initiative will likely involve your employees properly disposing of their food and office materials. This can involve using normal trash, different recycling receptacles, composting areas, and more. If you are having a hard time gathering interest among your employees, you should create little incentives that will encourage better participation. Some of these incentives could be something as simple as a small gift card for active participants, lunch with the boss, a free coffee every once in a while, and more. Additionally, you could consider initiating an annual or biannual larger incentive for those in different departments who go above and beyond. For more ideas on how to implement an incentive program, contact us today.

Create Friendly Competition Between Departments | Finally, an easy way to create more interest and have more involvement throughout your entire organization is to create a friendly competition between your employees and their respective departments. You could tie this competition into an incentive program, which would be a great way to encourage your employees. There is no harm in a friendly competition between your employees, and by doing this, your employees can, in turn, encourage each other to do more for your company. Additionally, you could work with other companies to see if they have their own sustainability initiatives and create a friendly rivalry between local companies to show your city how invested in the future you are. By instilling friendly competition with initiative, you can take huge strides toward your overall sustainability goals and encourage the best for the future of your company.

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