If you’ve stumbled across this post, you’re most likely a business owner or executive who is interested in environmental sustainability. Perhaps you’ve realized that looking into such a concept is part of practicing ethical business. After all, what your company does has a great deal of impact on other people and the surrounding environment, regardless of your industry, and it’s only a conscientious decision that you’d choose to make that impact a positive one.

On the contrary, maybe you’re a business who is looking into sustainability for PR reasons, or to help set your business apart from others—those are equally valid reasons too! Indeed, sustainability improves both the way your business functions and the world at large; in any case, you’d be smart to be curious about the concept.

Either way, you’ve run into a problem: when it comes to sustainability solutions, your business has no idea where to begin. Changing the way your company operates from the ground up sounds like such an extensive task. You get overwhelmed thinking about it all and adding it to the other things you have on your plate.

When you’ve got to do everything from meeting with potential clients to making sure operations go smoothly on an administrative level, where on Earth is there time to do a complete overhaul of your business? Just as you were smart to be curious about sustainability, you’d be smart to seek out the help of LJP Waste Solutions.

As a Mankato zero landfill facility and a provider of sustainable waste solutions, we’re here to help your company make the switch to conscientiously sustainable waste disposal. Indeed, minding how you get rid of your refuse is a big part of what it means to be a sustainable business. After all, you can’t minimize your environmental impact if you were to just toss everything out.

With our waste to energy solutions and our knowledge about zero landfill initiatives and the harms that landfills cause, you can’t go wrong partnering with us. You’ll gain a valuable ally in the fight to sustain our planet, and our in-depth reporting of where your waste is going will make you feel accountable and satisfied.

Of course, aside from partnering with one of the best sustainability companies around, there are other strides your company can take toward more sustainable business practices. As a sustainable waste solutions company ourselves, we’d know!

Let’s dive into some of these steps in greater detail.

You Don’t Have to Make the Jump to Sustainability All At Once

As we stated above, trying to overhaul an entire company’s operation can feel quite overwhelming. If this describes your situation, that’s why we recommend breaking down your movement toward sustainability into smaller bits and taking it a little at a time.

While some companies might feel great getting extensive right off the bat, as a provider of customized and comprehensive sustainable waste solutions, we know that this approach doesn’t work for everyone.

Every little sustainable act contributes to a greener planet and brighter future for our children, and there’s no shame in dividing the process into steps, so long as you make consistent progress toward your goals.

Here are some steps to start with!

Educate your employees about the importance of what you’re doing.

Explain to them that you’ve partnered with a provider of sustainable waste solutions and are now committing your company to sustainable practices. Aside from that, make sure to explain, via using statistics or other approaches, why such efforts matter to the planet.

A slideshow presentation is a great way to get your message across. You should also open the floor for discussion afterward. Your employees might have valuable insights as to what they or your company could be doing to further take care of the planet.

Stay in touch with your sustainable waste solutions company.

At LJP Waste Solutions, we design sustainable waste management programs from the ground up, and these programs are personalized to every company. We would love to be your partner as you work toward sustainability, so keep in touch with us as you begin to use these systems.

We are happy to talk about what we know and what your company could further do, in terms of waste disposal, to move toward zero landfill or reach your sustainability goals.

Consider your water bills and your electricity usage.

Becoming energy efficient in these respects is another part of a fully sustainable business, but as a bonus, it will often help save you money in the long run. If you’re going to retrofit your lighting systems or install new plumbing, we’d love to chat with you about recycling opportunities.

Switch to Sustainable Companies for Materials

Where you source your products is another step towards becoming a sustainable company. Check to see if your suppliers have social, environmental, and ethical concerns about the production of how the materials are created. Look for fair trade companies and consider if they are working with biodegradable materials.

In addition, sourcing services and goods from local suppliers will also help contribute to the economy and help reduce the emissions cost of transportation.

Repurpose or Recycle Old Equipment

When you choose to repurpose or recycle old equipment, you could potentially bring an extra income from the sale or help contribute to others who may not be able to afford to buy new items.

You can also consider purchasing recycled items instead of new ones because this can reduce the use of natural resources and cut back on the pollution that can come from producing them.

Swap Out Single Serve Plastics

Single-use plastics are products that cannot be reused, including items like straws, water bottles, plastic cutlery, and food packaging. With over 8 billion metric tons that go into our oceans every year, one more approach to becoming a sustainable company is reducing the use of these items.

Introducing reusable coffee mugs, silverware, and water refill stations can all help contribute and make your company meet its sustainability goals.

Reduce Paper Usage

Being as paperless as possible is another critical factor, and online billing has helped to contribute to this. Encouraging email receipts for customers and systems implemented for documents that don't require paper will help save trees. And without all those paper documents, it also can help reduce the storage space required in the working environment.

In addition, if you cannot go paperless in some areas of your company and want a different method, consider investing in recycled paper that has been sustainably sourced.

LJP Will Be With You Every Step of the Way

Still don’t know where to start when it comes to sustainability? With the help of LJP Waste Solutions, waste management is an easy and appealing option.

We’d be privileged to partner with you to achieve your goals. Give our Mankato office a call now at 507-625-1968 and let’s get to work.