At LJP Waste Solutions, we focus on helping our consumers reach your sustainability goals by correcting your waste processing and handling capabilities to ensure you are able to reduce your carbon footprint and more effectively save natural resources. When you come to our team, we will analyze your current process before designing a new one specifically for your company’s layout and needs. Here, our waste processing experts will discuss additional ways you can get closer to your sustainability goals.

Conduct A Waste Audit

Before you begin to make any changes to your company’s waste processing system, you need to first conduct a waste audit. By hiring a professional, like our experts at LJP, you can discover areas you need to improve upon by fully analyzing every aspect of your waste processing system.

How Does Our Process Work?

With a waste audit, one of our team members will come to your facility to analyze how your materials move through your facility and how you dispose of them. We will be looking at items like:

●        Hazardous materials

●         Yard waste

●        Recyclable items

●          Municipal waste

●          Electronics

Once we understand your usage, from there, we will develop a full-fledged plan designed to help you improve how waste moves through your building and will determine what happens to it when you no longer need it.

Create A Plan

After you have conducted your waste audit, you should have a good idea of what areas of your facility need to be improved. You can then begin investing in the equipment you need to successfully operate your new plan. Your plan will include how to handle certain materials, as well as how to process them using different types of equipment.

Plan Specifics

You can start looking at areas like where your waste is coming from. This will include determining if areas are being overused, like packaging material, or if recycling is not effectively implemented. Another area to consider is how your heating and air conditioning systems are running and if there are other ways to adjust to using them less.

The plan can also include ways to invest in using less electricity for items like devices and lighting. In addition, you may be able to reuse some of your materials in house, or you may have to ship them out to be reused. Once you determine which of your materials can be reused, recycled, or composted, you can then sort each material into their respective category.

Arrange Waste Transportation

With your new plan with LJP, you will then have a set schedule for us to come to your facility and transport your waste to our facility. Once at our facility, we will further sort your materials before shipping them out to be reused, recycled, or converted into energy-efficient fuel.

There are several ways that having a routine service available can be beneficial to your company, and they are:

●        Reduced liabilities

●        Having a routine in place to help support your company's schedule

●        Greater credibility with specific vendors and customers

●        An efficient sorting and shredding process for waste

●        Improved working conditions for employees

●        A committed contribution to a healthier natural environment

●        Investment in the company by working with a reputable company that believes in sustainability

●        More efficient expenses with waste disposal

The more you depend on a reputable company like LJP Waste Solutions for transport and disposal, the less you need to worry about it. By having your company’s materials routinely shipped out to buyers and other disposal companies, you will operate a more efficient business and reach your sustainability goals.

What Can Your Individual Employees Do?

Not only can you improve your business’s materials processing, but you can also set regulations for your employees to control how much waste you generate away from the industrial side of your business.

First, you should invest in more bins and label each one accordingly. From there, you need to enforce new rules, so your employees remember to adhere, and they can help you reduce how much waste is coming out of your facility. Some of the different labels you should include on your bins are:

●        Cans

●        Bottles

●        Glass

●        Compost

●        And more

Ways to Motivate Employees to Participate

One of the biggest challenges of being a business owner and trying to implement more sustainable practices is getting your employees on board with the process. There are several options for implementing appealing procedures that make it less stressful and an easier transition for them and a few considerations are:

●        They need to understand what sustainability means, and this can be done through educational resources.

●        Ensuring that you are also following along with the plan and leading by action shows them how important it is to the company.

●        It's also helpful to make sure that it becomes a normal process in their day-to-day functions, so they don't have to spend a lot of time thinking about what needs to be done

How Can LJP Help You With Your Sustainability Goals?

Operating a large commercial business, you know how difficult it is to reach your sustainability goals and maintain those goals. With that in mind, you need to consult with a company that will go above and beyond to help you set, track, and accomplish your goals. At LJP, we have a hands-on approach, and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get where you need to.

As discussed above, when we come to your company, we will conduct a waste audit before all else. From there, we will help you install your new program and come on a regular basis to ensure your products are properly handled.

Extra Steps to Take for Sustainable Goals

Additionally, our entire process at LJP revolves around monitoring how much waste you produce and how much of it is then reused and recycled. We will rent or sell you equipment, such as balers and compactors, which will condense your materials, so you can ship more out. After we have retrieved your materials, we will further sort them at our facility.

Once the materials are sorted and shipped out to be recycled or converted to fuel, we will send you a detailed report. In this report, it will detail how many materials you sent to us by weight and material type. It will then say how much was sent to be reused and recycled and how much was converted. We will then send you reports on a regular basis, which allows you to show your employees and customers how far you are going to reach sustainability goals. 

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