Recycling has been around in the United States forever – since roughly the mid-20th century –  and even before that, if you count the waste-not-want-not attitudes of many of those who lived earlier.

However, just because recycling is old news doesn’t mean it’s bad news. In fact, it’s a huge part of what it means for your business to adopt sustainability, in addition to smart waste solutions. A business that disregards recycling altogether is doing nobody, including itself, any favors.

Recycling Helps Keep the Planet Green

Of course, we all learn about this concept in grade school, but the planetary impact of trash goes far beyond what we may have originally thought. Landfills, which are massive plots of land dedicated solely to non-recyclable trash, for example, throw a major wrench in local ecosystems by messing up the food chain.

They also emit massive quantities of greenhouse gasses which contribute to global warming. Keep your recyclable waste out of landfills and be a good steward to the Earth.

Recycling is Good for Your Community

Saving the planet is great for your town, of course, but recycling can also have more localized effects. Landfills take up swaths of land; enough land to house the millions of tons of trash per year, some of the largest ones processed.

By reducing your business’s contributions to these blights or even by going entirely zero-landfill, you’re helping to minimize the space they take up, keeping your community safe from their expansion. You’ll help to preserve room for local towns to grow.

Recycling is Good for Your Business

Who wants to shop with a company that doesn’t even recycle? Very few people, that’s who! Indeed, environmental sustainability efforts such as recycling are a great way to generate good vibes about your company for employees and customers alike.

However, the complete absence of recycling options does the opposite: it turns people off, and for good reason. Nowadays, with the ever-growing importance of sustainability, many people view recycling services as the bare minimum a business can do to help the environment.

If your company doesn’t pursue it, your customers will find other places to shop, plain and simple. In short, your business would be smart not only to recycle but to view doing so as a top priority. The environment and your community will thank you, and your business will keep customers coming.

However, making recycling a top priority can sometimes be easier said than done. You’ve got a company to manage, after all – how on earth are you, being so pressed for time, supposed to overhaul your entire commercial waste management system to focus more heavily on recycling?

LJP Waste Solutions is Here to Help!

Partnering with the pros at LJP Waste Solutions and implementing more rigorous recycling programs is a cinch. Since we opened our doors in 1993, our passionate team has strived to spread sustainability everywhere we go.

Being active participants in the zero-landfill initiative, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Today, we help companies everywhere reach their waste goals by taking a step-by-step approach towards company-wide sustainability. We’ll help you by:

●        Performing thorough waste assessments.

We analyze these to determine where your waste system is falling through. We work to understand your business’s workflow, how much waste you process, and more—all the facets that affect how your company processes waste.

●        Designing an entirely new waste system.

That’s right: we’ll take care of the overhauling. We’re not just a commercial waste company; we specialize in providing state-of-the-art and sustainable waste solutions. We don’t just look at the numbers and give you a quote.

We’ll use our expertise and communication skills to guide you through implementing a new recycling program from start to finish. We’ll even train your employees! 

●        Bringing it home with comprehensive waste solutions.

No longer do you need to have a separate company for, say, waste-to-energy and recycling. At LJP Waste Solutions, we do it all, and we’re great at streamlining as we go.

In fact, we reduced the number of waste companies a client was doing business with from eleven to one. One bill, one point of contact, one professional who can handle it all. Imagine how that would affect your stress levels!

On top of that, as far as recycling services are concerned, we’re capable of processing a variety of typical and less-than-typical materials, meaning your business won’t need to search out as many specialized plants. Talk about simplifying things.

●        Helping You Reduce Your Footprint

Material consumption is at an all-time high and becoming a root cause of climate change. Extracting and harvesting raw materials, processing the goods, and transporting them are huge contributors to the buildup of greenhouse gasses.

Our company's primary focus is to help companies reduce overall use by applying a streamlined plan to help diminish the excess need for raw materials, save fossil fuels and reduce energy usage.

●        Save You Money and Time

One of the largest ways to maximize your company's profit is to find ways to cut costs within your operations. Neglecting to utilize a waste management strategy can mean less money in your pocket, which is why our experts help you understand all your options.

Our experts can help you better understand your trash disposal costs in accordance with recycling management while also helping to prioritize recycling to enhance your existing procedures.

●        Increase Your Credibility with Your Customers

With sustainability becoming a priority for most individuals, companies need to take more responsibility for addressing their impacts on the environment. A sustainable company is not only concerned with profits, but they want to improve the environment simultaneously.

When you are working with LJP Waste Solutions, you have a trusted leader at your side to help ensure the core values align with your goals. This can help build credibility with your customers and clients, raising your

●        Promote Employee Engagement

Another benefit to working with LJP Waste Solutions is that we support you in increasing your internal communications with your employees through the recycling process. This means not only are you reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills, but you are also helping to inspire growth within the company by sustainably minded job seekers because you are working toward greener practices.

When you utilize our resources, you help your business embrace a recycling culture through education to build employee confidence and improve company recycling rates.

If you’re looking to make recycling a bigger part of your business’s MO, we at LJP Waste Solutions are right there beside you from start to finish. By providing such broad services, we hope to make sustainability a possibility for businesses everywhere. Let’s work together to make our world a little greener.

Contact LJP Waste Solutions Now for Innovative Recycling Services

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