If you are operating a large commercial business, you know how important it is for the efficiency of your facility to have a state-of-the-art waste processing system to ensure nothing gets backed up, so you don’t have a mess on your hands. While that may have been your primary concern in the past, you should add sustainability efforts to that list, as well.

In today’s world, new regulations are constantly being implemented to improve sustainability efforts worldwide. Additionally, many customers are now demanding to see proof of your sustainability efforts. If you have been using the same waste processing system for years, it may be time to consider shaking it up, so you can be as efficient as possible.

Additionally, if you don’t have a waste processing system in place, you should incorporate one immediately. Not only will it help you reach your sustainability goals, but it will also improve your efficiency and save you money.

Here, our sustainability experts at LJP Waste Solutions will discuss why you should invest in a new waste processing system.

Operate More Efficiently

At LJP, we are focused on making a difference in this world and committing ourselves to the zero landfill initiative. By implementing our processes, you will quickly operate your facility more efficiently.

When you contact us for your services, we will provide a thorough analysis of your current waste processing system before creating a custom-system specifically for you. From there, we will provide staff training and help you get the equipment you need to improve your process, such as compactors and balers.

These tools will improve your efficiency, which will save you time and money and make the lives of your employees easier. At set times, we will return to your facility with a truck to transport your well-sorted bales to our headquarters before logging each item and determining whether it can be recycled or converted to fuel. By implementing a new process, your staff will waste less time dealing with the waste your facility processes and have more time to do other tasks.

Save time and money by reaching out for a customized process from LJP today!

Reduce Your Footprint

One of the most significant benefits of having any waste processing system in place is that it can help reduce your impact on the environment.

Every pound of waste that is prevented from going into the landfill can potentially lessen through reduction and a few examples include:

●        Single-use plastics in break areas

●        Reducing the number of paper products used for communication

●        Recycling any e-waste through donation

●        Investing in sustainable companies

Grow Awareness to Reduce Use

Having an easy system in place for your employees to utilize will also help benefit your company. This is because the more proactive they are, means fewer pounds of waste going to a landfill and it can produce a ripple effect by creating new behaviors in their personal lives.

Implementing a streamlined system that is easy to understand, with clear images on the containers is one starting place. While at the same time, encouraging the behavior through education, training, and incentivized programs can also be beneficial.

Helping them understand why the system matters to the company and offering an explanation through hands-on demonstrations, videos, or FAQs can all be excellent resources.

Helps You Be Compliant

There's a growing awareness of the need for sustainability and waste management systems, and governments are involved in this. New regulations are occurring on a regular basis, and this is another reason why implementing a new system or upgrading the one you already have is crucial.

Businesses now must reach and remain compliant with any national, local, or global regulations and laws, and failure to do this can result in fines.

Having a waste processing system in place means you are going to meet the specified targets for your company and may qualify for special incentives or grants. It also means that you will be seen as an environmentally responsible company which can help grow your trust with employees, customers, and potential investors, resulting in creating profound changes to help protect the environment.

Save Money

One major benefit of condensing your waste processing system is the money it will save you in the long run. When you choose LJP for your services, we will come to your facility to examine your old process before custom-creating a new one. With this new process, instead of you paying for several different companies to get rid of your waste and manage it for you, you will have to pay for just one service.

Additionally, all you have to do is sort your materials and bale them properly. From there, we will come to you to get the materials before furthering separating them into what can be recycled, converted to fuel, and more.

At LJP, we take nearly any item you may have. We have the ability to process or recycle over 50 uncommon materials, as well as traditional materials, like paper and cardboard.

Some of the other materials we can process include:

●        Various Grades of Plastic

●        Shrink Wrap

●        Metal Bins

●        And more

Instead of paying multiple companies who specialize in a specific material to come to retrieve your materials, simply use our services and save a great deal of money.

See the Progress You’re Making

When you choose LJP Waste Solutions for your new waste processing system, we will intermittently provide you with company-specific reports, so you can see the progress you are making on a consistent basis. In these reports, you will see how much of each material you gave to us, such as metal, plastic, paper, and more.

Additionally, it will break down how much of each of these were able to be recycled or converted into Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF). Materials that can be converted to RDF are sent to a power plant to be used as clean energy. With this, you are contributing to protecting natural resources, keeping solid waste out of landfills, and more.

Once you get your reports, you can then share and advertise your results on a continuous basis, so current and future customers can see the progress you are making. In a world where everyone wants to see efforts being taken for sustainability, these reports will prove your credibility and give you an easy way to appease and encourage your customers.

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