No matter what services or products your business specializes in, there’s a strong probability that your company will one day be forced to consider utilizing the advantages that official and licensed product destruction practices can provide. It could be for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from protecting private information of your employees and clients to properly disposing of faulty, recalled products.

Whatever your reason, it’s important to understand how reputable product destruction services can not only help your business avoid potential hazardous setbacks, but will also ensure that efficient waste disposal solutions are abided by.

Let’s take a look at five ways product destruction services could be the right waste processing opportunity for your business.

Retain Your Brand’s Integrity

Every business owner can attest to the fact that running and maintaining a company of any size will ultimately result in a few mistakes being made here and there. Sometimes those errors are insignificant, and sometimes they have severe consequences.

These types of mistakes can range from any of the following scenarios:

Product Recalls

There are an average of 400 products and hundreds of thousands of units recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product & Safety Commision in the U.S. every year.

Identity Theft

Over 3.2 million U.S. consumers were affected by varying forms of identity theft in 2019.

Unauthorized Distribution

Illegal transacting of branded products, known as the Gray Market, results in billions of dollars in unauthorized sales that severely impacts sales, revenue, and reputation of U.S. businesses.

Improper Disposal

Not safely or legally disposing of products, equipment, or documents can result in legal prosecution from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Aside from knowing how these scenarios can damage your business’s reputation, it’s crucial to understand that proper product destruction services is what can help you avoid running the risk of unintentionally committing any of these offenses.

Environmental Friendliness

Investing in product destruction also helps contribute to the environment because the items aren't going to end up in a landfill. This method offers a safe and healthy manner that can protect the public and the natural ecosystem in place. It can also help you gain notoriety and credibility with future and potential customers because it shows you care about making a difference in the environment.

Recycles Items and Promote Waste-to-Energy Options

Product destruction services can also help contribute to recycling. This process is implemented when items like paper, textiles, and garments can all be utilized to create new products and materials for future articles. At the same time, it opens a doorway for finding sustainable solutions and avoiding using an overabundance of cardboard and paper through distribution centers.

Some disposal methods will repurpose items, and others will destroy the product entirely. A common theme is finding ways to incorporate a waste-to-energy process which involves burning materials that are appropriate to produce steam that can move generators which will create power. When combined with a system that controls air pollution, the process works well for plants and industrial sites to produce energy without harming the environment.

Removes Items Considered Obsolete

Your products will evolve as your business does, and it is not uncommon for a company to overproduce products thinking they will sell or to keep items long after they have expired. Scheduling to have the products that are end-of-life, outdated, damaged, or recalled destroyed is one way to help free up extra space and make room for newer and more relatable inventory to your brand. 

Raises Awareness About Sustainability

It raises awareness around repurposing materials and can be a way to promote sustainability in your company. Adopting product destruction can also enhance the awareness for other companies to change their methods and start finding new ways to repurpose and recycle by working for sustainably focused companies.

Preserving Confidentiality

It’s easy to think that throwing away any object or item is the last time you’ll have to deal with it. But failing to appropriately dispose or destroy equipment or documents can lead to costly confidential or security setbacks.

Examples of this can stem from sensitive data being obtained through thrown out hard drives or any computer technology, to personal information derived from unshredded papers, to unauthorized and inappropriate uses of your company’s identification lanyards, badges, or even uniforms. Enlisting licensed product destruction services can eliminate the threat of having to deal with any identity or cyberthreats, as well as any general misuse of your brand.

Liability Limitations

Whether your business directly is dealing with a product recall, or you’ve recently or unknowingly distributed a recalled product, having to deal with liability consequences can be a severe punishment that can potentially result in shutting down your company.

To avoid putting your business at financial or operational risk, proper product destruction will safely handle and dispose of any unauthorized products or faulty equipment, and also provide you with an official certificate of destruction that will document your compliance and absolve you of liability.

Staying Compliant

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of rules, laws, and regulations your business needs to abide by in order to avoid potential prosecution or any other legal and financial penalties. This alludes to being accountable for any special handling of hazardous materials or chemicals, as well as being in possession of private and personal information.

If and when the time comes where such products or information needs to be disposed of, you’ll want to ensure that a reputable product destruction company is taking care of your business.

Eco-Friendly Product Destruction Solutions

In addition to keeping your business compliant in safe and official waste disposal practices, you’ll want to utilize a product destruction service that will take care of your needs in an eco-friendly manner.

At LJP Waste Solutions, we offer a variety of eco-friendly product destruction services that will securely get rid of any products you need to be sufficiently destroyed, and potentially contribute to effective environmental sustainability. Whether it’s reliable paper shredding of payroll or medical records, outdated technology and equipment, or hazardous objects or chemicals, we will exceed your product destruction service needs by making sure we can salvage the most we can through recycling and Refuse-Derived Fuel purposes.  

Safe & Secure Product Destruction Services

Whatever your product destruction needs are, LJP Waste Solutions will take care of it in a secure and eco-friendly manner. If your business is in need of proper and sustainable product destruction, contact us online today to schedule a consultation with us, or give us a call at 507-625-1968 to speak one-on-one with our team of waste disposal experts.