Energy conservation and sustainability are becoming buzzwords in our society because consumerism is at an all-time high. With the new age of online shopping, this becomes more problematic with people buying and not using sustainable waste solutions. The reality is that glass bottles are tossed out by the billions each year, and with one bottle being able to conserve the amount of energy that can run a computer for 25 minutes, there is no reason not to find new ways to use them.

With all the different bottle options available, this can leave a myriad of ways for creative uses to repurpose them around your home or office. So here are some of the more innovative options.

Creative Lamps

You may have never considered that a glass bottle could be utilized in this way, but simply drilling a hole and inserting a plug can make a new source of light for your room. You can also invest in a lampshade that can help accent the color of the bottle for a more decorative piece.

Keeping Memories

Some individuals take the bottles, fill them with rocks or colored beads, and place a printed picture inside them. Once this is completed, you can also adorn them with exterior decorations such as jewelry or beadwork.

Bathroom Accessories

If you need a toothbrush holder or container, you could take a bottle and cut off the top half. With a little bit of refinishing around the edges to smooth it out, you have an excellent storage option for your bathroom.

Individuals have also taken the bottles and filled them with various items such as cotton balls. A great accent is to add the name of what is in the bottle on the front to make it more fun-looking.


Glass bottles make perfect vases for any room. And by applying a little bit of paint, you can create a flower holder that matches the color scheme of any area.

Garden Helpers

Some plants perform better when they are hanging. This can also help with the prevention of animals or insects eating vegetation that may typically be planted in the ground. Taking the time to fill your glass bottles with dirt and seeds can create a space for the plant to grow that might be safer than it is typically. In addition, the hanging bottles can add some rustic charm to the area of the garden and reduce your need for waste recycling.

Bird Feeders

For your feathered friends, you may want to consider utilizing the bottle to help keep them fed. One of the ways you can create this is to attach the bottle upside down inside of a bird feeder, which will allow the seed to flow out from the mouth.

The secondary way to achieve this is by drilling a small hole at the bottom of the bottle and attaching it to a plate. You can use copper wire to wrap around the top, which will help hang it, then fill it with seed which will spill out onto the plate for continuous feeding.

Mosaic Art

Creating mosaic art can be a rewarding experience from taking the shards and repurposing them. This is done by gathering colored glass and breaking them into smaller pieces, then making the art piece by piece on the container. These art pieces are generally a myriad of colors, and different shapes such as a flower or lines are created outside the bottle.

Musical Option

Wind chimes are known for creating a soothing sound that many individuals enjoy. The bottle can be repurposed in this way by removing the bottom and smoothing it over. You can then take a string of beads with a wood piece at the bottom and run them through the center of the bottle so that when there is a breeze, they will tap against the glass to create music.

Decorative Accessories

If you are yearning for more decorative options in your home and are on a budget, you could consider making your own out of a bottle. Adding spray paint and wrapping the bottle with twine or placing lettering and decorations such as beads or flowers can create a great accent piece to spruce up your home.

Repurpose With Purpose

They can also be used to store kitchen condiments in them. A bottle can be filled with olive oil and have a spout placed on top of it to become an accessible dispensary, or use them to store your baking powders or sugar. If you collect multiple bottles that look similar, this can create an excellent array to complement your kitchen.

Quality Meets Versatility

These are just a few ways that you can repurpose glass bottles for your home or outside areas. They can become useful objects while offering ease and accessibility within your home and preventing them from ending up in a landfill. Understanding that sustainable waste solutions is a priority now in our world will help keep your awareness around learning new ways to avoid waste.

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