When it comes to more space in your recycling bins, there's no doubt that they may fill up quicker than you would like. And when you add in holidays or missed pickups, it can add more frustration to the situation.

With environmental sustainability and a greater need for recycling being at the forefront of our world, it makes finding ways to maximize the bing space a priority. Simple changes can help contribute to a more manageable process and more room in your recycling bin, so here are some helpful tips!

Distributing the Weight

The weight distribution in your bins can make a difference in the space. To some, putting the heaviest items on top might make more sense because it can help place more weight on the rest of the things, but this creates more unused space in most cases.

A better alternative is to make sure that you are putting the items in strategically, with heavier items on the bottom first. It may take some organizations to get started, but it can become a regular part of the process after some practice.

Keep Your Bin Organized

Let's face it: It's not unusual to see a recycling bin filled to the brim, but this may not be the most effective scenario.

From a container that's far too full to be collected to a torn bag that's created a larger mess on the ground, taking the time to make sure you're organized and avoiding overfilling can help make a difference.

Recycling Strategies

There are some common problem areas in how items are recycled that can help create more space in your bin. With just a little bit of effort and time, recycling can become a more manageable process that will benefit everyone involved.


Since cans are a primary source for most foods and beverages, finding ways to recycle them more efficiently can be a key factor.

Because the cans are generally shredded to be recycled, one of the best steps to save space in your recycle bin is to crush them. There are products on the market specifically made to help in this process, or you may physically choose to do it yourself.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic has become a regular part of our world, and unfortunately, because of their chemical makeup, plastic bottles are a toxic source for the environment if not recycled properly.

You might be wondering if the same rule applies to plastic bottles in cans, and it's true. Taking the time to crush the plastic bottles will free up space and help create less work for the recycling plant.


When it comes to glass, one of the best ways to recycle it is to reuse it and repurpose it.

If you are throwing it in the recycling bin, the main concern is simply removing any lids or caps that it may have had with it. Crushing or breaking it is not an option, as this creates a more hazardous situation for anyone handling the material.


One of the most significant factors with cardboard is to make sure that it is flattened and any plastics or tape are removed.

Take note that if you are dealing with a greasy pizza box, you cannot recycle these unless you take the time to cut out the soiled areas.

Choosing What to Recycle

With over 267.8 million tons of trash being thrown out each year and processed by garbage service, it is imperative to start paying more attention to what is going into your garbage receptacle.

There is waste that you might be throwing out that you have never considered as an option to be recycled, such as:

●        Phone books

●        Aerosol cans

●        Electronics

Creating a system in your home or business devoted to even just a few minutes each day to make sure your recycling is sorted properly can help contribute to more sustainable waste solutions.

Other Considerations

Understanding that there is a process to creating an effective system for recycling can help with any spacing issues. Also, be mindful that many items can be recycled while minimizing the maximum area used in your bin.

Some examples of things that could be placed inside of an aluminum can before crushing are:

●        Aluminum foil

●        Metallic bags (that crush easily and do not restore shape)

●        Disposable bakeware

The effort of implementing alternative ways to create a larger long-term impact is the purpose of having an effective and integrated recycling system. It makes a more sustainable practice and contributes to the well-being of anyone involved.

Choose LJP Waste Solutions for Better Recycling

As you can see, there are some practical solutions to offering more space in your recycling bin that can have long-reaching benefits. LJP Waste Solutions is committed to creating zero landfill companies and providing education in waste solutions. We work with all our Minnesota customers to create a streamlined system based on the needs of your home or office that will help you create a healthier environment for your community.

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