Waste Transportation

LJP’s Commercial Trash Pickup Services

LJP Semi Truck.

At LJP Waste Solutions, we have a variety of equipment available for rent to help you reach your sustainability goals. In addition to providing a variety of dumpsters, roll-offs, and more, we also send our semis to your facility to collect your waste at a predetermined time. Additionally, if you have a large project, we are available for same-day pickup. After your team loads our semis or other pieces of equipment with your waste materials, we will transport them back to our headquarters in Mankato, Minnesota. From there, our waste solutions process begins.

Primary Waste Transportation Methods

In order to quickly and efficiently bring your materials to our facility to be recycled, composted, or converted into fuel, we send our semis to your facility to collect the waste. We then bring it back to our facility and begin our waste solutions process. At our facility, we unload and weigh the materials before sorting them and shredding them.

From there, we determine if the materials are recyclable, compostable, or combustible. The combustible materials are shipped out to the power plant in Mankato to be converted to fuel. Meanwhile, the recyclable materials are shipped out to different buyers to be reused. Our semis are typically the only vehicles on our premises and handle all transportation for LJP.

Additional Transportation

In addition to our primary method of recycle transportation (semitrucks), we also have other means to transport your waste to our facility, including through our residential trash services. Though our primary focus is on commercial businesses, we do cater to a select few areas, and have traditional garbage and recycling trucks that can take care of your waste. These vehicles then transport the waste back to our facility to be sorted, recycled, composted, or converted, just like the materials that come to us from our commercial business partners.

Other Equipment

At LJP Waste Solutions, we also offer a variety of specialty equipment to move and store your waste materials, including:

  • Roll-off containers
  • Dumpsters
  • And More

With these containers, we also allow you to rent or purchase a variety of machines that allow you to fit more in your containers. These machines include:

  • Balers
  • Compactors & receiver boxes
  • Shredders
  • Collapsible or solid plastic bins
  • Rubbermaid rolling carts
  • Can crushers
  • Bottle breakers

All of these machines and containers help us contribute to sustainability. At LJP, we are focused solely on helping you reach your sustainability and zero landfill goals. By renting and selling these products to you, we are able to help you reach those goals in a safe, efficient manner.

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If you are in the Midwest and looking for a waste transportation company, contact LJP Waste Solutions today. With our team of experts, we can help you reach your sustainability goals and transfer your materials to our facility to be recycled, composted, or converted into RDF.

We have helped countless large distribution and manufacturing companies achieve their goals with our services. To learn more information or to schedule a consultation, give us a call at 507-625-1968 or message us on our contact page.

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