What Is The Zero Landfill Initiative?

Essentially, the zero landfill initiative focuses on recycling, reusing, or converting the materials various companies and homes produce in order to keep them out of landfills. By doing this, companies can reduce their carbon footprints, which in turn contributes to sustainability goals. The zero landfill initiative is a small facet of the overall goal of zero waste. Though zero waste is not something that is possible at this point in time, it is something that should be pushed for in the future.

For the zero landfill initiative, LJP has been one of the industry leaders. We believe in zero landfill and do everything we can to help our customers reach that goal. For several years, we have been creating strategies and plans to help our customers hit their goals and send zero materials to the landfill. At LJP, we focus on how to divert waste, so it does not end up in landfills. We do this by recycling, reusing, converting, and upcycling different materials, especially uncommon materials, like metal barrels, shrink wrap, several plastic grades, and more. After your materials have been transported to our facility, we will recycle them through various partners, ship them to be reused to different companies, or we will take them to our Xcel Energy-run power plant to be converted to Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF). This is a clean fuel that requires less energy to use, which helps with sustainability goals.

What Is The Zero Waste Initiative?

The zero waste initiative is an overarching goal that is not possible at this time, but it is something many companies are trying to achieve. Essentially, the zero waste initiative is the end-all, be-all of sustainability efforts that will, at some point in time, eradicate waste as a whole. To achieve this goal, every single company has to change the way they manufacture products. By creating products out of materials that will deteriorate on their own and not harm the environment, zero waste would be possible. While many companies are a long way from this point, the zero landfill initiative is a great starting place. By fully switching your company to a zero landfill initiative to help you reach unprecedented sustainability levels, which will not only help the environment but will appease your customers and employees.

How Can LJP Help You Move Forward?

At LJP, we started introducing sustainability measures before they had taken hold anywhere else. We saw a way to help ease the strain on the environment, while also enhancing the overall systems functionality for our customers. When you contact our team, we will come to your facility to investigate your current waste processing system. While there, we will pinpoint areas that could be improved in order to enhance your efficiency. From there, we will create a full system design that will help you operate smoothly, while also educating you on how to process the materials you produce, and teaching you about all the materials we can recycle, reuse, or convert. We are able to handle over 50 uncommon materials with ease, and this sets us apart from the rest more than anything else.

Some of the materials we can process, convert, and recycle include:

●        Metal Barrels

●        Plastic Sheets

●        Colored Shrink Wrap

●        And more

In addition to our waste processing and system solutions we offer, we are also able to sell and rent you various pieces of equipment that will allow you to operate more efficiently. These pieces of equipment, which ranges from compactors to shredders, will condense your materials, which allows you to ship more to us.

As soon as we have received your materials, we weigh them, sort them into like categories, then further categorize them by material type and what can and cannot be recycled or converted to fuel. From there, we provide you reports that detail how much energy you saved, as well as how gallons of water and other units you were able to save from landfills. We provide you with these reports so you can see the progress you are making, as well as so you can share them with customers and investors, so they can see how dedicated you are to sustainability. 

Contact LJP Waste Solutions Today

If you are in Southern Minnesota or surrounding states and searching for a team to help you effectively manage your waste system process so you can operate as efficiently as possible, contact our team at LJP Waste Solutions today. When you come to our team, we will run a full diagnostic test to evaluate areas you could improve upon, before creating a new process specifically for you. To learn more about our process or to request a consultation, give us a call at 507-625-1968 or message us on our contact page today.