New Year's resolutions can vary from person to person, and it's good to set goals that align with your values. With eco-friendly and sustainability being more critical than ever, one resolution that can be beneficial in multiple ways is finding methods to live a greener life.

The great thing is that this resolution can be applied anywhere and in numerous ways that can help contribute to the environment and a healthier way of living. Taking the time to intently make a positive change for your community can also inspire others to make changes too!

Here are nine new year’s resolutions you can make for a greener future.

Composting Is Key

When food is composted correctly, it can prevent the release of toxic gas as the food begins to break down. Creating a well-functioning composting bin can help contribute to a greener way of living by not having the residual leftovers go to a landfill.

Change How You Clean

Many of the items you use around your home for cleaning products can be potentially toxic to the environment. This becomes problematic because many of the chemicals affect your air quality and, in some cases, get put down the drain.

Making a different decision by using vinegar or baking soda can be highly beneficial if not more efficient at cleaning and are not harmful to the environment.

Understand Where Your Money Goes

Another consideration is to understand whom you are making your purchases. Taking the time to research and place your purchases and support into companies moving towards sustainable solutions is another crucial factor.

Streamline Recycling

If recycling has become more of a problematic issue and you're having a difficult time keeping up on it, it can be helpful to try to make the process easier.

You may consider reusing a cardboard box to help organize any recycling to make it easier to take to your receptacle. In the workplace, it can be helpful to make sure that the bins are in an area where staff can see them for use.

In addition, businesses can help due to unwanted construction materials making up a large contribution to waste that ends up in landfills, and understanding appropriate disposal methods can be highly beneficial.

Taking the time to donate any materials that are still usable or opting to purchase recycled materials can be great ways to contribute to a greener form of doing business.

Reuse to Renew

There are multiple ways to reuse recyclable items. Glass bottles and jars can be made into do-it-yourself creative projects for your home or outside area.

You can use cardboard boxes to create space savers or even weed deterrents for your garden. It's highly beneficial to research all the different uses for items you may be throwing out to see if you can repurpose them for other means.

Change Your Behaviors

Plastics are a normal part of our world now, and unfortunately, because of their production, harmful chemicals can leach from them into the environment where they are.

One green option is to ensure you buy products that don't promote plastic use, which could mean purchasing a glass bottle to drink from or bringing your bags to the grocery store.

Consider Your Personal Care Items

Another consideration is to understand the chemicals that are in the products that you're using daily.

Toxins such as synthetic fragrances or parabens are linked to all kinds of issues with regular use, so swapping out these items for a more eco-friendly and safe option is recommended.

You might also reconsider remedies you may be using, such as over-the-counter medication. It can be highly beneficial to educate yourself on alternative methods that don't require chemicals to help give relief.

Co-Exist With Carpool

One of the last options is to start implementing more public transportation as opposed to driving if possible. This could mean sharing transportation with coworkers or even riding your bike to your destination.

Carpooling can cut down on vehicles' carbon emissions, reduce the need for fossil fuels, and contribute to a healthier lifestyle by promoting exercise.

Other Solutions

Another option you can implement around your home is to replace your appliances with more energy-efficient ones to conserve how much energy is being used.

You might also consider making it a point to help pick up litter if you are out on a walk and to make sure that if you need to remove any hazardous waste, it is taken to an appropriate facility.

LJP Waste Solutions Is Ready for the Future

Finding a way to implement greener ways of living can be highly beneficial for not only your life but your community. LJP Waste Solutions understands the need to implement manageable options to promote waste to energy facilities for our world. We specialize in waste recycling in Minnesota and would love to help your company find a streamlined solution that can work towards long-term optimization for sustainability.

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