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Unlike conventional commercial waste services, LJP Waste Solutions actively works to minimize solid waste by converting or recycling it. Our first-class company will evaluate your current waste management system and cultivate a custom-made strategy to assist your company in its sustainability goals. You can even keep track of the progress you reach with our commercial waste disposal services through the regular, extensive reports we supply. LJP takes a hands-on method toward zero-waste solutions with initiatives like absolutely zero landfills. Zero landfill is a process that recycles unusual materials like shrink wrap and turns them into energy. In addition to helping your company achieve its sustainability objectives, LJP's group of specialists also attends to the equipment rental requirements of any market in Mankato and surrounding areas.

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We offer security solutions for all our equipment rentals, including locking bars and four sizes of security enclosures.

Hear From Our Commercial Customers

Schell's Brewery Logo.

Schell’s Brewery

“With the help of LJP, Schell’s Brewery has been able to expand the number of items we can recycling from our trash. At one last Bock Fest, we had our visitors recycling their serving cups, therefore helping diminish trash on the grounds, and also be more “Green.” Thanks to LJP recycling capabilities, we at Schell’s Brewery know we are helping to make a difference in our environment. Our staff is 100% behind the effort it has taken for the success of our waste reduction, which in turn also helps to make our company stay competitive in the marketplace, besides the terrific benefit to our environment.”

Wis-Pak Logo.


“LJP has helped Wis-Pak convert the majority of their waste to recycling materials. Waste levels have been reduced from 400 yards to 40 yards resulting in a significant cost savings. In addition, revenue from recycled products averages $55,000 per year.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Waste-to-Energy?

Waste-to-energy is a process in which we create clean fuel from waste. At LJP, we transport your company’s waste to our facility where it is sorted and shredded, and the materials that cannot be recycled are then sent to Xcel Energy to be converted into clean energy.

How Does Waste-to-Energy Work?

At LJP Waste Solutions, we have a specific procedure we follow to convert waste-to-energy. After we transport your company’s waste to our facility, we sort through the materials to determine what can be recycled and what can be turned into fuel. The materials that will be converted to fuel are sent to an Xcel Energy plant. There, the materials are burned to heat water, which turns into steam. The steam powers turbines that power a generator, which in turn produces electrical energy.

What is RDF?

Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) is the fuel that is made during our waste-to-energy process. RDF is a clean fuel that reduces emissions and significantly lowers your company’s carbon footprint. At LJP, we transport waste that cannot be recycled to our affiliated Xcel Energy power plant to be converted into fuel.

What Equipment Do We Rent?

At LJP, we rent a variety of equipment to help with your waste solution services. We rent equipment such as balers, compactors, roll-off dumpsters, and more. To learn more about the products we rent, visit this page.

How Can You Save Me Money?

At LJP Waste Solutions, we provide an all-encompassing recycling process. With our help, we are able to transport, sort, bale, and sell your materials. With our all-in-one services, we have helped countless clients save money. Instead of having to use separate companies for waste transportation, sorting, and more, we are able to provide all of those services at a reasonable price.

Can batteries be thrown in the trash?

Most common, household batteries can be thrown in the trash if they are alkaline and non-rechargeable. Rechargeable, button, and lead batteries cannot be thrown in the trash. They are accepted at LJP for a fee. Please call our customer service at 507-625-1968 for current pricing.

Where can I bring my old light bulbs?

Depending on the type of bulb you have, some can be thrown in the trash while others may require special disposal. Incandescent and halogen bulbs can be thrown in the trash. Most LED bulbs can be thrown in with your regular recycling, but you will want to check the bulb’s packaging. Otherwise they can be thrown in the trash. Fluorescent bulbs cannot be thrown in the trash. This includes the compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL’s). Fluorescent bulbs are accepted at LJP for a fee. Please call our customer service line at 507-625-1968 for current pricing.

Can I throw my old Christmas lights in the trash?

Christmas lights can be thrown in the trash. If you would like to recycle them, there are several drop off sites in the Mankato Area; such as Ace Hardware, Drummers Garden Center, MRCI Thrift Store, and hilltop Hy-Vee in Mankato.

What should I do with unused ammunition, fireworks, or other explosives?

These are not accepted at LJP and cannot be thrown in the trash. Most counties have a program for their disposal. Contact your local sheriff’s department to learn more.

Is styrofoam recyclable? What about milk and juice cartons?

Styrofoam cannot be recycled and needs to be thrown in the trash. Milk and juice cartons are recyclable through LJP.

Can needles or other sharps be thrown in the trash?

Needles and other sharps present a danger to anyone that may be coming into contact with your trash. We therefore ask that they are not put into your trash kirbies. There are online services that will pick up sharps containers and properly dispose of them. Both Hy-Vee locations in Mankato will accept sharps containers for $5.

Can old smoke detectors be thrown in the trash?

Photoelectric Smoke Detectors can be thrown in the trash. Ionization Chamber Smoke Detectors (ICSDs) contain radioactive materials and cannot be thrown in the trash. Dual or combination smoke detectors also cannot be thrown in the trash. Check with the manufacturer to determine which type of smoke detector you have.

Can thermometers be thrown in the trash?

Digital thermometers can be thrown in the trash once the batteries have been removed. Alcohol-based glass thermometers can go in with your recycling. If your thermometer contains mercury, it cannot be thrown in the trash. Most local Household Hazardous Waste facilities will take mercury thermometers.

Where can I bring paint, cleaners, or other potentially hazardous substances?

Potentially hazardous substances, such as paint, cleaners, fertilizers, or pesticides, are not accepted at LJP. Most counties have a Household Hazardous Waste facility that will accept these materials. Below are the websites for local Household Hazardous Waste Facilities:

Blue Earth, Nicollet, Le Sueur, and Sibley Counties: Blue Earth County HHW Facility

Waseca County: Waseca County Hazardous Waste Disposal

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