At LJP Waste Solutions, we focus on helping large commercial businesses reach their sustainability goals by reformulating their entire waste processing system so it operates as efficiently as possible.

We also offer full product destruction solutions as part of our waste processing solutions. But what are product destruction solutions, and why are they necessary? Why isn’t it enough to recycle and convert our waste products into fuel?

At LJP Waste Solutions, we offer a plethora of waste processing solutions so we can provide comprehensive services to a wide range of customers. We want to do everything we can to help you reach your goals, and providing extensive services is one way we do this.

Here, our sustainability experts will discuss product destruction and its usefulness in certain situations.

What is Product Destruction?

As part of our waste processing solutions, we also offer product destruction. Product destruction is essentially shredding and destroying excess or sensitive materials. Depending on the situation, we will either destroy the products of our own accord, or we will destroy them and provide proof of destruction at the request of our clients. To destroy the products, we essentially run them through a hammer mill.

After the materials go through the hammer mill, they will be destroyed and come out in dozens, if not hundreds, of pieces of material six inches in size or less. The hammer mill has a six-inch screen in it, and anything that gets put through the mill comes out irreparably damaged and in small shapes.

Additionally, we have several shredders that can further damage the materials that went through the hammer mill. To learn more about our product destruction processes, contact our sustainability experts today.

Why Is Product Destruction Necessary?

There are a handful of reasons as to why we may choose to use product destruction during the waste processing process. From customer requests to fuel conversion, there are several reasons why we choose this method for some waste processing systems.

When you operate a large commercial business, you know how critical it is to sort different materials to ensure they can be properly reused, recycled, or converted into fuel. This ultimately determines how much of a difference you can make in the long run.

Here are some of the reasons as to why we use product destruction and the purpose behind it:

●        Customer Request | The primary reason as to why we offer product destruction services is due to customer demand. Oftentimes, our customers, such as hospitals, client-based services, or other companies, need to dispose of old records they no longer need. These could be anything from medical records to old supplier records and anything in between.

Even if your business no longer needs these records, they’re still not something you want in the hands of strangers, so it is crucial you request these products get destroyed. Sensitive and confidential records are one of the most common materials we destroy, and we would be happy to explain this process to you in greater detail.

●        Fuel Conversion | Another of the primary reasons we offer product destruction services is for the purpose of RDF conversion. It is easier for materials to be converted to fuel if they are first shredded and destroyed. The materials are then transported to our power plant to be converted to Refuse-Derived Fuel, which is clean energy used to power different power plants.

●        Compliance | There are thousands of different products that need to be handled with special care. These items can include pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and toxic substances, and proper disposal is critical to keep the environment safe. In this situation, it's not just about peace of mind; it is also about following federal and local laws to prevent fines.

●        Keep Your Brand Safe | If you have never heard of the gray market, this is another reason to utilize product destruction. Products that don't meet quality requirements can end up in this market. And whether it's discount retailers, street vendors, or employees, they can wreak havoc on your brand because if the consumers are getting subpar options, they will associate those products with your company's reputation.

This means that having a disposal process that confirms the products are destroyed is crucial because dump workers, drivers, and shipping business representatives can all intercept merchandise after they have been tossed out. Some considerations to include in product destruction are:

●        Discontinued or damaged products

●        Obsolete inventory

●        Inaccurate or unused package designs

●        Production overruns

●        Items with logos or brand imagery

●        Counterfeit items that have been seized

●        Prevent Liability Risks | If you don't ensure that outdated or broken products are destroyed, your business and organization could risk liability issues. This applies to off-spec and recalled items because these products do not meet government or internal regulations standards. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, FDA, and National Highway Safety Transportation Administration handle product recalls, and if the items do not follow regulations, they must be disposed of appropriately.

Destruction helps reduce the risk of them resurfacing and potentially causing harm to the consumer and your business image. Infringement lawsuits due to confiscated items at ports of entry are a common occurrence due to copyright and patent conflicts, which can also be avoided with product destruction.

While there are several reasons we can conduct product destruction, fuel conversion and customer requests for confidentiality are the two primary reasons. In addition to providing these services, we also offer proof and documentation that your materials were destroyed. Oftentimes, we find that our customers who wish to have old records destroyed like to have proof, so they know we followed through on our end.

We can offer video evidence, documentation, and a trained officer to ensure your materials are destroyed. Our dedication to your needs sets us above the competition, and we recommend you come to LJP Waste Solutions for your product destruction needs.

Materials We Destroy

At LJP Waste Solutions, we are able to destroy several types of products so we can serve all your needs. Some of the many materials we can destroy includes:

●        Outdated business or medical records

●        Payroll records

●        Old business cards

●        Misprinted products

●        And more

To learn more about the materials we can destroy and our process for that, contact our team today.

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